Cyclop updated – Sugar Bytes bring technical tweaks to their mono synth app

Download from iTunes App Storecyclop logoWhen my more experiment side wants a shot at music creation, Sugar Bytes software is often where I end up. I’m fortunate enough to own some of their desktop-based instruments and effects but I think I’ve also got a full set of the various ports of these over to iOS.

As I mentioned earlier this week with Korg, some iOS developers prefer to keep their updates few and far between (perhaps because they tend to have more comprehensive pre-release technical testing?). Sugar Bytes are in that group and, once released, what we tend to see is technical updates that respond to changes in iOS itself, rather than lots of new features…  although, in the case of Sugar Bytes, we are talking about apps that come with lots of features to start with anyway.

Cyclop – a mega-mono bass synth on your iPad.

And so it is today with an update to Cyclop. The update takes the app to v.1.2.0 and, as with Egoist a week or so ago, this update brings a number of technical tweaks to keep the app running within the various other ‘environmental’ updates iOS has seen over recent months. So, for example, Cyclop has received some Audiobus 3 refinements, an update to the Ableton Link support, and both the AudioCopy and AudioShare support have been updated. In addition, Bluetooth MIDI support has been added while some tweaks have been made to how the app operates when you have multi-channel audio hardware connected.

Cyclop’s effects sequencer offers a sort of mini-Effectrix step-based effects setup.

Having given the update a quick run out in Audiobus 3 this morning, all seems to be working well and it’s great to see Sugar Bytes keeping their iOS catalogue fine-tuned as iOS itself develops. Of course, the obvious comment is that AU support would be great to see but, of all the iOS music app UIs, Sugar Bytes are amongst the busiest; it’s perhaps easy to see that conversion into a more compact AU window format might be a challenge. Still, here’s hoping they are up to giving it a go at some stage….

I’m a massive Sugar Bytes fan and, while at UK£23.99/US$24.99, Cyclop will not be the cheapest iOS music app you might ever buy, if you are a fan of electronic music production, Cyclop is a stonker of a mono/bass synth and absolutely worth every penny (cent). I like the fact that their software offers something just a bit different and, while I do occasionally find myself squinting at the control surfaces (although the iPad Pro makes that considerably less of an issue), once you dig in to what’s on offer in any of these apps, you can get some excellent results. Check out the original review for Cyclop but, for electronic music producers, without hesitation, this is an app that comes highly recommended.


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