Cyclop updated – Sugar Bytes add Ableton LINK to their mono synth app

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cyclop logoThe iOS music making community got quite excited a few weeks ago with the launch of Ableton’s new LINK technology that – with suitably LINK-enabled apps – allows you to synchronise the playback and tempo of various music apps in a way that ought to be possible with MIDI Clock Sync but, under iOSD at least, isn’t (well, some of the time at least). LINK seems to be very solid technology within the limited number of apps that we have so far seen add the protocol…  so what we need now is simply more developers to get on board….

And, encouragingly, Sugar Bytes have obliged today with an update to Cyclop. The update takes the app to v.1.0.5 and the two headline changes are (a) and update to the Audiobus SDK and (b) the addition of Ableton LINK support…  yay!

Cyclop in action sync'ed with patterning via Ableton LINK - it seems to work a treat :-)

Cyclop in action sync’ed with patterning via Ableton LINK – it seems to work a treat :-)

I’ve not had a chance to push this to any particular limits as yet but, having given Cyclop a run out alongside Patterning, once I’d enabled LINK within Cyclop, all seemed to work very well. Cyclop tempo setting followed that within Patterning and any changes made to the tempo without an issues. Fingers crossed the appearance of LINK in Cyclop means that other Sugar Bytes iOS music apps also have LINK in the pipeline….  it would most certainly be welcome within Egoist, for example.

Cyclop - with support for Ableton LINK.

Cyclop – with support for Ableton LINK.

I’m a massive Sugar Bytes fan and, while at UK£18.99, Cyclop will not be the cheapest iOS music app you might ever buy, if you are a fan of electronic music production, Cyclop is a stonker of a mono/bass synth and absolutely worth every penny (cent). I like the fact that their software offers something just a bit different and, while I do occasionally find myself squinting at the control surfaces (although the iPad Pro has made that considerably less of an issue), once you dig in to what’s on offer in any of these apps, you can get some excellent results. Check out the original review for Cyclop but, for electronic music producers, without hesitation, this is an app that comes highly recommended – and now with LINK support.


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    1. Darren Winter says:

      Hi John Any ideas when Ableton Link will be available out of beta for everyone?

      • Hi Darren, all I’ve heard via a couple of devs is that they are having to wait before getting hold of the SDK…. How ‘official’ the roll out of the SDK is at present, I’m not sure…. best wishes, John

    2. Great update and good to see devs jumping onboard Ableton Link propriarity tech, but…
      What about AU tech support that is built in iOS and Mac OS… :(
      What a shame :(

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