Cyclop updated – Sugar Bytes start a round of compatibility updates?

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cyclop logoAs most long-standing iOS music makers would be expecting, there is a flurry of minor technical updates appearing on the App Store at present as developers do their best to ensure a smooth passage into iOS9 for their own particular apps. Sugar Bytes updated Cyclop in mid-September but a further update appeared on the App Store over the week-end taking the app to v.1.0.4.

The notes that accompanied this particular update confirm that the Audiobus SDK has been updated along with the AudioCopy support. The entry also states that ‘iOS9 compatibility improved’ while there is also a note bug fix in the Transformer functions. While Thesys was updated just a few days ago, I’d assume that their other excellent iOS apps will receive similar technical updates over the next week or so?

No, at UK£18.99 Cyclop will not be the cheapest iOS music app you might ever buy but, if you are a fan of electronic music production, Cyclop is a stonker of a mono/bass synth and absolutely worth every penny (cent).

Cyclop - Sugar Bytes bring their bass synth to the iPad.

Cyclop – Sugar Bytes bring their bass synth to the iPad.

I’m happy to admit to being a bit of a Sugar Bytes fan. I like the fact that their software offers something just a bit different and, while I do occasionally find myself squinting at the control surfaces (bring on the iPad Pro in that regard), once you dig in to what’s on offer in any of these apps, you can get some excellent results. Check out the original review for Cyclop but, for electronic music producers, without hesitation, this is an app that comes highly recommended.


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