Cubasis update – v.1.7.2 maintenance update brings new features and fixes

Download from iTunes App StoreCubasis logo appSteinberg has released v.1.7.2 of Cubasis today and, as promised, this is a fairly substantial ‘maintenance’ update with a whole range of small new features and a round of bug fixes to improve overall performance. While there are no real ‘headline’ new features, and I’m sure there will still be a number of gremlins that are sitting on Steinberg’s ‘to do’ list, most regular Cubasis users will welcome the update.

Equally, Steinberg has restated it’s commitment to bring some automation features in the next (v.1.8) update. This will be a big step forward for the app so it will be great to see just how far Steinberg are going to take this when v.1.8 eventually arrives.

What’s new?

Cubasis now includes audio track freeze.

Cubasis now includes audio track freeze.

Of the minor additions to v.1.7.2, perhaps the most useful is some reworking of the audio engine to improve audio track playback performance. This ought to mean better performance of Cubasis on all generations of iPad. In addition, there is now audio track freeze so, if you do find yourself running on empty, you can free up some additional resources (or move that crucial IAA effect to another audio track) if required. Tracks can be unfrozen if you do need to go back to them for further editing.

The Setup window contains a number of new options in the v.1.7.2 release.

The Setup window contains a number of new options in the v.1.7.2 release.

There are also more options within the Setup window so that you can adjust the latency, activate a large audio recording buffer and take the virtual instrument polyphony up to a maximum of 128 voices. Again, depending upon your particular generation of iPad, this should give you more flexibility in configuring the app to ensure a smoother overall performance. The CPU meter can now be tapped to toggle to a Polyphony view. This is scaled relative to the maximum Polyphony setting configured in the Setup window and, while it is not simply a calculation of the number of notes being played by the internal synths (audio tracks are included; see the in-app Help pages for a full description of how the loading on this meter is calculated), it is a useful guide.

When you export your project as separate audio tracks, Cubasis now add the track name to the audio files generated.

When you export your project as separate audio tracks, Cubasis now add the track name to the audio files generated.

A useful workflow addition is the fact that cycle mode is automatically activated when you long-tap on an event in the Arrange window to set the left/right locaters around that event. This whole process is now very neat and much preferable to having to set the locators by hand.

What’s fixed?

There are quite a few fixes also implemented in this release. A number of these related to IAA and, given the fairly rapid growth in the availability of iOS audio apps with IAA support, improved performance in this area will be particularly welcome. For example, an issue that caused IAA apps not to be rendered during mixdown or a track freeze has now been addressed. Equally, loading an IAA app during project playback is now less likely to result in audio glitching. In addition, projects containing IAA apps now load more quickly.

The Polyphony meter provides an alternate way of seeing the load your project in placing on your iPad.

The Polyphony meter provides an alternate way of seeing the load your project in placing on your iPad.

However, that’s not to say that everything in the IAA garden will now come up smelling of roses; for example, I still experienced issues with ‘invisible’ IAA apps in the selection list when trying to load IAA effects apps into an insert or send slot, although whether this is a Cubasis issue or down to a specific IAA installed on my test system, I’m not sure. It is, however, a bit frustrating, except when I want to be surprised to see just what app might load when I tap on the blank section of my app list :-)

Other fixes include improvements in the mod wheel and sustain pedal behaviour, better performance of the solo buttons, improvements when using cycle playback on older iPads, Audiocopy support for files in formats other than 16-bit/44.1kHz and a fix for the occasional bug where the instrument rack didn’t open correctly.

Roll on v.1.8

As I’ve been a Cubase user on my desktop computer system for many years, it is hardly surprising that Cubasis is my DAW of choice under iOS. As such, it really is great to see Steinberg continuing to refine and improve Cubasis for what is undoubtedly a growing user base. It is, of course, grossly unfair to compare a mobile app costing UK£34.99 with a top-of-the-line desktop DAW with a price tag just under UK£500; Cubasis simply can’t compete in terms of the power or sheer number of features.

However, Cubasis is still a very capable recording platform and, for those of us requiring both audio and MIDI in our recording projects, a pretty slick experience. There are still some ‘core’ features that is would be great to see Steinberg bring to their mobile DAW at some stage (for example, tempo manipulation of audio files, better MIDI quantize options and built-in pitch correction) but, with v.1.8 promising to start the automation ball rolling, Cubasis, while already great for getting ideas recorded, will then be a much more credible environment for mixing. Fingers crossed the next update comes sooner rather than later :-)  In the meantime, the v.1.7.2 is a very solid step in the right direction.


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