Cubasis update – Steinberg update both Cubasis and Cubasis LE to v.1.9.9

Download from iTunes App Storecubasis logo 3Cubasis is, for my money, the best ‘all round’ DAW/sequencer we currently have under iOS and, while Auria Pro most certainly provides a more desktop-style feature set, Cubasis offers a slick interface and a well focused feature set that lets you get on with the core tasks of recording and mixing audio/MIDI music productions. And, as a Cubase user on the desktop, Cubasis makes a perfect platform for capturing initial ideas that can then easily be moved across to the desktop if they make the grade as something worth developing further.

A further update to both Cubasis and Cubasis LE has arrived on the App Store today and taking the apps to v.1.9.9. While the previous update added an important new feature – support for Audio Units (AU) plugins – this is more of a maintenance update with some minor bug fixes (always welcome) aimed are ironing out a few graphical wrinkles and a smoother workflow.

Cubasis offers a brilliant combination of slick interface and a well-thought-out feature set.

Cubasis offers a brilliant combination of slick interface and a well-thought-out feature set.

That said, the full list of tweaks is quite extensive. Perhaps most welcome are some further refinements to the AU support. This includes support for the AU preset system within Cubasis. With AU slowly gaining some traction, this is good to see. Having given this a spin with a number of AU apps within Cubasis (as shown in the screenshot for iSEM) this seems to work well….

The AU hosting support within Cubasis has now been updated to include presets.

The AU hosting support within Cubasis has now been updated to include presets.

The update also brings some fine-tuning to the MIDI support in various ways so, for example, port mappings are now handled better. The IAA support has also been tweaked so connections between Cubasis and the IAA app are less likely to get broken.

I purchased Cubasis on the first day it was launched at the full price and, as I’ve also been a Cubase user for many years on the desktop, Cubasis is pretty much my go-to DAW/sequencer on my iPad. Perfect? – no, not yet, but it is very good indeed and I’d have no hesitation in recommending it even at the full price of UK£39.99/US$49.99. This latest update is another welcome step forwards….  However, as Steinberg now seem to be running out of numbers before they finally reach v.2.0.0, I’ll be really interested to see just what they might have in store when the app eventually ticks over to that milestone :-)

Anyway, if you have pondered Cubasis but not yet taken the plunge, it’s nice to know that you are buying into one of the leading music tech brands and that your investment would, therefore, be a pretty secure one. Top notch stuff…..


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    1. Still trying to love this App… But everything continues to seems so hit and miss with regards to reliability and predictability of IAA and AU (at least iSem)

    2. Psysword says:

      Auria is the thing. Everything else pales in comparison, but I use Ableton and Cubasis to capture ideas with Audiobus, as Cubasis works better than Auria, but then believe it or not, I mix and master on Auria with Fabfilters. So all in all my tracks involve 3 DAWs to get my ideas off the ground. A real mix.

    3. I have Cubasis and Auria. Ditched Auria. I’ve had no issues with Cubasis. One thing I’d like to see in the 2.0 version is additional markers.

    4. David A says:

      Been playing with update this weekend. Fantastic on an iPad Pro 9.7. Now all we need is an AU revolution.

    5. I don’t like that when I use inter-app audio for a synth (e.g. NAVE) the playback of that track at a later time is hit or miss. And then if I have to open up NAVE for cubasis to play that track then it doesn’t “remember” the NAVE setting I used when originally recorded it. Am I doing something wrong?

      • Hi Derrick…. no, it’s not down to you…. just, at present, the limitations of technologies like IAA. We really do need to see Apple’s AUv3 format take off in a big way – and developers of our favourite apps support the format – to overcome these workflow limitations. Once AU grabs a proper hold, the iOS workflow when using a DAW/sequencer will become similar in principle to that found on the desktop…. It is starting to happen but it needs to gather some more momentum…. here’s hoping iOS10 provides that :-) best wishes, John

    6. Kahl Rhoam says:

      I’m digging Cubasis on my iPad Pro.
      Am I in err, thinking I can do a professional summed mixdown?
      Or do I MUST have to get my tracks over onto my PC running Cubase
      as my DAW? And I WISH there was a way to duplicate a track easily.
      This couldn’t have been to hard to code?
      Am I looking right through it in there?

      I’ve been a Cubase guy for nearly a couple decades.,
      I really dislike protools. DAWs have certain ‘timbres’ to them, I developed a ear for that in analog studios in the early ’90’s. And Cubase is more neutral, & wont phase up the cymbals like I’ve known protools to do.

      A age of wonders.

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