Cubasis update – Steinberg bring a round of fine-tuning to their iPad DAW

Download from iTunes App Storecubasis logo 3As I’ve mentioned here many times previously, for my particular way of making music, more often than not, Steinberg’s Cubasis sits at the hub of my iOS music production workflow. I love the interface, I think the feature set strikes a very sensible balance between functions and ease of use for the iPad format and, as someone who uses both audio and MIDI, I like being able to combine both types of recording within a single app. And as a Cubase user on the desktop, Cubasis is also a very familiar environment.

Of course, your own mileage may vary and there are other very credible iOS recording choices. Is Cubasis perfect? Well, no it’s not, and I could easily find a few features that I’d put on my personal ‘wist list’ if Steinberg were willing to oblige :-)

Cubasis v.1.8.3 is now available for download....

Cubasis v.1.8.3 is now available for download….

However, as of today, is should have a significantly smaller number of bugs. Having announced that v.1.8.3 was on the way a little while ago, and that it would essentially be a maintenance update focusing on user-reported issues, that update hit the App Store earlier today. And, true to their word, the update addresses a fairly chunky list of known issues. Most of these are fairly minor in nature – and would not have inconvenienced most users under routine circumstances. That said, it is nice to see a ‘fix it’ release before the developers move on to any significant new features. A full list of the fixes addressed – as provided by Steinberg – is given below…



CB-XXX Audiobus SDK 2.1.5
CB-1179 MediaBay folders remember their state

## FIXES ##

CB-1990 Loading times of projects (subsequent loads) and undo/redo times have been greatly improved.
CB-1979 Inserting Cubasis as input and output in Audiobus now works as expected again.

CB-1892 Fixes a problem where triggering Cubasis with specific hardware controllers could lead to hanging and missing notes.
CB-1934 Fixes an issue where the use of sustain led to hanging notes.

CB-1950 Deleted audio events will now be restored correctly when performing Undo or project renaming tasks.CB-1919 Solves a critical issue where performing Undo on an edited audio file could result in data loss.

CB-1938 Fixes a problem where trimmed audio events could not be restored to their original state.

CB-1834 Cycle playback in audio editor now works as expected.
CB-1957 Changing the locator position in the audio editor no longer results in start of playback.
CB-1833 Fixes a rare issue where the playback in the audio editor could be started twice simultaneously.
CB-1949 Playhead located in audio editor remains in its current position once playback has been stopped.
CB-1996 Fixes a graphical issue that appeared at maximum magnification in the audio editor.
CB-1991 The audio editor’s rewind button no longer triggers a playhead preview sound.

CB-2015 Fixes a problem where selecting no instrument on an audio track renders Cubasis unreliable.

CB-1978 Dropping files from the MediaBay onto frozen tracks is no longer possible.

CB-1963 Fixes a problem where file renaming with special characters (such as emoticons) could lead to missing audio files.
CB-1995 Undo steps remain available once a project has been renamed.

CB-2010 Fixes a rare problem where no audio event is created after audio has been recorded.
CB-2007 Glueing MIDI parts no longer restores hidden events.

CB-1997 Switching from bars to seconds and performing zoom and scroll gestures no longer leads to fade out of the audio editor ruler labels.

CB-1939 Several In-App help iOS 8 improvements.
CB-1878 Scrolling the In-App help content on devices with iOS 8 now works as expected.
CB-1897 Fixes an intermittent issue on devices with iOS 8 where the home button of the In-App help became non-functional.

CB-1940 Fixes a rare problem where the Audiobus panel remained empty (app icons and controls were missing).

CB-2073 AudioCopy rendered Cubasis unreliable.
CB-2053 Use of Undo/redo lead in some cases to loss of audio file data.
CB-2072 A problem with the positioning of automation events has been solved.
CB-2069 Help typo correction.


I had no problems using Cubasis in both the Audiobus Input and Output slots during testing.

I had no problems using Cubasis in both the Audiobus Input and Output slots during testing.

It is, of course, also welcome to see updated Audiobus support. Having given v.1.8.3 a bit of a spin this afternoon, it seems to run very smoothly. With reference to the ‘fix’ when placing Cubasis in both the Audiobus Input and Output slots, this isn’t something I’ve needed to do for a while so I wasn’t aware of any particular issue. Anyway, it seemed to work well enough under v.1.8.3.

If you are still looking to make a choice for your recording needs under iOS then there are some very solid options available on the App Store. If, however, those needs happen to include both audio and MIDI recording, personally, I think Cubasis is very hard to beat. I did a full review of the app a little while ago when v.1.8 was introduced so, if you want more details, then check that out. Cubasis comes highly recommended and well worth the UK£34.99 asking price.


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    1. Thanks for the news. I heard it here first! Thanks for your reporting? I too, love Cubasis, seeing a list of those bugs helps me foresee calm seas ahead.

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