Cubasis update – Steinberg take their flagship iOS DAW/sequencer to v.2.4

Download from iTunes App Storecubasis logo 3While the blog might currently be in ‘pop up’ mode, as regular readers here will know, my personal iOS DAW/sequencer of choice is Steinberg’s Cubasis, so I’m bound to be interested when Steinberg offer us something new….. hence, after Lars from Steinberg gave me a heads up on the update last week, the post today re the latest update to Cubasis which takes the app to v.2.4 :-)

Cubasis is undoubtedly a great app – and I think Steinberg have got the balance of features (just about) right for the iOS platform – but as I’m also a Cubase user on the desktop, Cubasis is a very obvious choice for me. As iOS hardware has improved, so Steinberg have moved Cubasis forward, gradually adding now features and capabilities to the app with each update. And today a new update has arrived; v.2.3 is available as a free download to all existing users.

Alongside some routine under-the-hood fine-tuning where lots of minor tweaks and fixes have been applied (always welcome), v.2.4 features some new features and, as far as I can see, SALE pricing; if you don’t currently own a copy of Cubasis you can pick it up at a 50% discount – just UK£23.99/US$24.99 – if you are quick off the mark.

What’s new in 2.4?

There are two new highlight features in the latest release; MIDI support for AU plugins and support for the new Files app added by Apple in iOS 11 (indeed, both these new features require iOS11 although Cubasis will still run on iOS9 or later).

Cubasis 2.4 adds support for MIDI-based AU plugins…. as shown here with the Rozeta suite from Bram Bos.

The first of these new features – support for AU MIDI plugins – is an interesting step forward. I’ve only had a brief chance to explore this morning but Bram Bos’ excellent Rozeta series of apps are the obvious candidates for some arpeggiator and bassline run here. MIDI tracks within Cubasis now offer a new section called MIDI Effects within the track’s Inspector panel. As far as I can see, you can only insert one such MIDI effect in the current version but that is, of course, better than none. Anyway, having played with both Rozeta Bassline and Rozeta Arpeggio, both seem to work very well. There is some fun to be had here :-)

The Rozeta Arpeggio app worked well as a MIDI Insert on a Cubasis track…..

The relatively new Files app under iOS is a feature that we have all asked for and that Apple finally delivered upon, so it is great to see developers also build support for it into their music apps. Your Cubase contents now appear within the Files app for browsing, copying, archiving, etc. and you can also export your projects within Cubasis itself as a ZIP file that is saved within Files and accessible from there. Obviously, this makes sharing and storing quantities of audio data between apps much easier and more efficient. It’s another useful step forwards in terms of practical workflow.

All your Cubasis project and audio files are now accessible from the iOS11 Files app for sharing and archiving.

In summary

Cubasis remains, for me at least, the best ‘all round’ conventional DAW/sequencer we currently have under iOS, striking just the right balance between depth of features (given the iPad format) and ease of use. I also like the idea of the big brand and the longevity that perhaps suggests in what is such a core element of my iOS music making…  although I appreciate my view on that might not be shared by everyone.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Cubasis even at the full price of UK£48.99/US$49.99. However, at the 50% off sale price, it is an absolute bargain. Steinberg have supplied a demo video to explain what’s new in the v.2.4 update so give that a look….  and, if you are still to take the plunge, hit the download button and grab ‘on sale’ it while you can…..  Top-notch stuff :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Great to see an update from both you and Cubasis! Sounds like things are going well, John and hope to see more content here soon.

    2. Thanks very much for this update, John. I confess that, since this blog became sporadic, I’ve drifted back to working between my PC (Reaper, with mainly Waves & Slate plugins) and my iPad with Auria, Aum and many of the plugins you’ve reviewed. I have to say that, soundwise, the tracks produced on my iPad stand up very well indeed against those made in my much more expensive PC software/plugins.

      I hope you are well and enjoying life!

    3. Thought i might see a post here with the latest release of cubasis :) thank goodness for the file saving features can finally reign in a never ending list of song bits i have to scroll through

    4. And still, no MIDI controllers allowed :(

    5. Thanks all….. good to occasionally brush the dust off the site…. and amazing that there are still a few folks stopping by :-) . Very best wishes, John

    6. Glad to see things are going well for you John. And nice to still read a small update every now and then here. Can’t blame you though for putting your focus mostly on your music projects instead of the site.

      • Hi Ed…. thanks for the kind words….. Yep, I’d have kicked myself later if I’d not taken up some of the new opportunities I was presented with….. but I do hope I can keep a flicker of things alive here on occasion…. and who knows what my work situation will be like in 6-12 months…. so I’ll never say never…. Very best wishes, John

    7. Gerald Bellot says:

      Hi, I have just purchased Cubasis V2.4 (32 Bit) for my I Pad 2 (iOS 9.3.5)
      Every time I try to edit data (notes etc) it crashes and throws me out of the program.
      Is there anything I can do – as not very impressed as I purchased this to supplement my workflow on PC

      Many thanks – Gerald Bellot

      • Hi Gerald,

        We have received a similar report by our users, and will evaluate the issue.
        Please feel free to visit the Cubasis forum for further updates (


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