Cubasis update – new features and sale time for Steinberg’s brilliant iOS DAW/sequencer

Download from iTunes App Storecubasis logo 3As I posted on Friday, Steinberg have just put Cubasis on a 50% off SALE pricing. They have, of course, done the occasional sale on the app before but it usually coincide with a holiday period or an update….   and as the sale that started on Friday wasn’t connected with a holiday, then I guess a few folks might have guessed that an update was coming :-)

And, rather wonderfully, Cubasis 2.1 arrived on the App Store today as a free update to existing users. The new version brings some welcome new features. For example, Audiobus 3 support (with AB3 due for release itself later this week) is now included meaning a seamless workflow for those that combine Cubasis and Audiobus if they also adopt Audiobus 3, including AB3’s new MIDI routing options.

Cubasis – v.2.1 has now hit the App Store and brings some new features.

In addition, there is a new free reverb added; RoomWorks SE. This is a reverb that has been part of the Cubase plugin suite for some time so it is interesting to see that migrate across. Access requires you to unlock the new effect by registering it but there is no other charge. Presumably, if you use RoomWorks SE within Cubasis, and then port your project over to the desktop version of Cubase, RoomWorks at the desktop end will pick up your settings making for a nice workflow. Anyway, it sounds pretty good and offers a good selection of controls to change the character of the reverb produced.

The update also addresses an extensive list of minor improvements, teaks and fixes. These include all sorts of small details but some relate to AU support (for example, when track freezing). Various improvements have also been made with the quantize system and the way IAA apps are handled.

RoomWorks SE reverb is now ported over from Cubase and included within Cubasis.

However, perhaps the most significant change is within the MIDI Editor which has had a re-working. As well as being able to re-size the MIDI Editor window (which you have always been able to do), there are some other things you can customise. For example, as well as having notes coloured by their MIDI velocity, you can change the display so the notes reflect the track colour or the MIDI note. All these visual aids are useful for different editing tasks. There are some subtle changes in terms of adding notes, editing notes, deleting notes and adjusting velocity. Equally, the zoom functions now seem more responsive. In short, MIDI editing, which is perhaps not the highlight of any touchscreen music app, is just that bit more refined.

The MIDI Editor has received a bit of a facelift that improves the overall workflow.

Cubasis remains, for me at least, the best ‘all round’ conventional DAW/sequencer we currently have under iOS, sticking just the right balance between depth of features (given the iPad format) and ease of use. I also like the idea of the big brand and the longevity that perhaps suggests in what is such a core element of my iOS music making…  although I appreciate my view on that might not be shared by everyone.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Cubasis even at the full price of UK£48.99/US$49.99. However, at the 50% off sale price, it is absolute bargain. OH, and the two add-on FX pack IAPs are also reduced in price during the sale…. Watch the two demo videos based on the v.2.1 update below then hit the download button and grab ‘on sale’ it while you can…..  Top-notch stuff :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Loving this update on my old 32-bit iPad4; piano roll editing is much smoother now…way to go Steinberg!!!

      • Hi Toz…. that’s good to hear…. What would be top of your own wish-list for new Cubasis features? Anything in particular that would help your own workflow? I’d love to see Group Tracks (sub-mixing) and Folder Tracks…. best wishes, John

        • Yes on group tracks John, that’s probably my number one wish list item. Also a tempo track would be really cool too. But at this point I’m pretty happy with what we’ve got. Even with Gadget’s new audio tracks, I’ll still bring projects from there over to Cubasis…almost everything I do ends up in Cubasis so any new features are always welcome. Cheers!

    2. Stu Hughes says:

      Love the programme. It’s absolutely brilliant for me as someone who just wants to record demo vocals.

    3. James Pelton says:

      Was Audio Glue included?

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