Cubasis double giveaway results – 5 winners of Steinberg’s brilliant Cubasis and 5 winners of the Classic Machines IAP

Download from iTunes App Storecubasis logo 3As regular readers here will know, I’m a bit of a Cubasis fan. Cubasis offers a slick interface and a well focused feature set that lets you get on with the core tasks of recording and mixing audio/MIDI music productions. And, as a Cubase user on the desktop, for me at least, Cubasis makes a perfect platform for capturing initial ideas that can then easily be moved across to the desktop if they make the grade as something worth developing further. A personal opinion I know but, for me, Cubasis is simply the most well-balanced DAW/sequencer that we currently have under iOS….

As I posted a week or so ago, Steinberg have just released Cubasis 2.2. The update brings a number of very useful new features within the app (track duplication, for example) and also adds a further IAP option called Classic Machines. This brings 10 new sample-based drum machine instruments as built-in virtual instruments within Cubasis and all with a relatively low CPU demand.

Alongside some new features, Cubasis v.2.2 also includes a new IAP.

Rather generously, Stefan Trowbridge and Lars Slowak at Steinberg provided me with five copies of both Cubasis and five copies of the new Classic machines IAP to giveaway to readers here at the Music App Blog. The two sets of winning names were pulled out of the respective hats this morning. The winners were:-

For the Cubasis draw….

Norman Kanzler


David (huied88)

Claudio Boscolo

erik myhren

The option to copy Chord Pad setups is also a new feature in v.2.2

For the Classic Machines IAP draw….

Anthony Reynolds

Dave (2711956)

Ed Haas

Joel McGrath


The new virtual drum machines offer some cool electronic drum sounds.

If you didn’t win this time around then don’t despair completely….  Steinberg have a sale going on at present and you can pick up Cubasis at 50% off its usual price. The IAPs are also on reduced pricing. The full price is UK£48.99/US$49.99 and it is, frankly, worth every penny….  but at 50% off it is a real bargain. Hit the App Store download button below to find out more and pick up a bargain before the app returns to full price :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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