Cubase iC Pro update – Steinberg update their iOS remote control app for Cubase

Download from iTunes App StoreCubase iC Pro logo 2As regular readers here will be aware, while I’m a huge fan of iOS-based music technology, I do also run a desktop-based music production system. In my case, that’s built around Steinberg’s Cubase DAW/sequencer (hence my preference for Cubasis under iOS). With quite so many years on my personal Cubase clock, I’m unlikely to be changing tack anytime soon but, having used a number of the obvious competitors, I have to say that it is now quite difficult to find a ‘bad’ DAW/sequencer whether you are based on Windows or (as I am) OSX.

However, even when using my desktop system, my iOS hardware plays an important role. That usually takes one of three forms. First, there are some excellent virtual instruments and effects available for iOS and I regularly use these as audio sources for my desktop-based recordings. Second, I’ll often use my iPad Pro as a ‘desktop extender’ using software such as Duet Display. Third – and for me, something that I do pretty much every time Cubase gets fired up – I use my iPad (and occasionally my iPhone) as a touchscreen remote control for Cubase.

Cubase iC Pro – up and running again on my iPad Pro…. and not the ‘Keys’ track which, in this project, uses the new Sampler Track feature in Cubase 9.

There are actually a number of iOS music apps that can be used in a ‘remote control’ fashion for desktop software (including MIDI Designer Pro if you want to custom-build a control surface for yourself). However, Steinberg have a dedicated iOS app for remote control of Cubase – Cubase iC Pro – and, for simplicity and ease of use, that’s the route I generally go down.

Or, at least, I like to….  because, on occasions, as versions of iOS itself leap-frog with versions of Cubase iC Pro, I have experienced a bit of communication breakdown between the app and my desktop. That has been the case recently and my understanding from a contact at Steinberg was that a change that Apple made within the iOS 10.3.1 update ‘broke’ the connectivity.

Steinberg have, apparently, been waiting for Apple to fix the connectivity issue and, if you haven’t already noticed, today iOS10.3.3 arrived on the App Store. This solves the problem and Steinberg have therefore also released an updated version of Cubase iC Pro to accompany the OS update. Users will also need to download an updated version of the SKI Remote extension from the Steinberg website.

However, the v.1.2.2 update to Cubase iC Pro doesn’t just restore the connectivity; there are also some new features added. This includes better handling of projects that contain VCA Faders and support within iC Pro for the new Cubase 9 Sampler Tracks.

The app offers a number of different layout options including multiple banks of Key Commands that can be user defined.

So, having downloaded the iOS 10.3.3 update, the iC Pro update and the SKI update, and installed all as instructed, it was very nice to see Cubase iC Pro spring into life again this morning with my OSX/Cubase 9 setup. Once you get used to reaching for it, the app really is massive workflow enhancer…. and, while I’ve only done a quick run through test this morning, all does seem to be working well.

Anyway, at a personal level, it’s great to see Cubase iC Pro bought up to date and, while I’m sure I could find a few other features I’d love to see added at some stage, having missed it while it was ‘gone’ – it has become such an integral part of how I use Cubase – it really is great to welcome back an old ‘friend’.

OK, so the app is only going to appeal to Cubase users who also happen to own an iOS device but, if you do fall into that niche grouping then do check the app out. A touchscreen might not be an ideal replacement for a ‘real’ hardware control surface, but iC Pro makes a pretty good stab at it, accepts multiple touches (you can, for example, control more than one fader at the same time) and, once you get into the habit of using it, can really speed up the workflow compared to just using a mouse.

Some potential users might hesitate, but given the current UK£8.99/US$8.99 price, for me at least, it is well worth every penny/cent in terms of making my favourite desktop DAW easier to use. Here’s hoping Steinberg will continue to keep Cubase iC Pro in step with any further changes to Cubase and iOS. For more information, check out the videos embedded below. They refer to an earlier version of the app (it now has a fuller feature set) but still give a good sense of what the app is about. Then hit the App Store download button to find out more….

Cubase iC Pro

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Looks like on top of the great (although timely) update the price has been cut substantially. Used to be $16.99 iirc. Very nice indeed.

      • Hi Jensen…. yes, the price is lower now that it used to be. As a Cubase user, this would be worth owning even if only for occasional use as a remote control when you can’t reach your mouse (i.e. getting ready to record an acoustic guitar take on the other side of your recording room)…. Best wishes, John

    2. Martin Geldart says:

      I purchase Cubase IC. not not in the app store and asks me to update but will not update. is there no upgrade path to the pro version

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