Colossus Piano updated – Crudebyte bring AU support to their detailed iOS piano instrument

Download from iTunes App Storecolosus-piano-logo-1Crudebyte’s have a number of sample-based iOS music apps now available including their flagship iSymphonic Orchestra and Oriental Strings, both of which have been updated over recent weeks to include support for the AUv3 plugin format.

As I reported a few weeks ago, their latest app is Colossus Piano. As the name might suggest, Colossus Piano is big…  and by that, I mean big is terms of the sample library (and, therefore, storage space required). The base app is, itself, free and comes in at a modest 133MB but, if you actually want any sound, then you have to purchase one or more of the three IAP piano instruments; Concert Grand, Baby Grand or Upright Piano…  and, if you want to hear what they sound like, then check out Crudebyte’s demo videos that I’ve embedded below.

Colossus Piano is, indeed, colossus.... 14GB for the 'Grand' instrument for example....

Colossus Piano is, indeed, colossus…. 14GB for the ‘Grand’ instrument for example….

The various IAPs scale from 14GB to 3-4GB of sample data with prices of a suitably similar weighty amount…  but this is serious sampling with lots of velocity layers for maximum expression levels.

Anyway, the app was updated over the week-end to v.1.1.1. This brings a number of efficiency gains that mean, shorter loading times and reduced RAM demands making for better performance on older iOS hardware. However, perhaps the highlight change is the addition of AU support; if you want a mega sampled piano running in your AU host, then now you can….  although it will be interesting to see just how many instances of the Concert Grand patch you can run simultaneously if you are brave enough to try :-)

I have not yet had a chance to try any of these for myself…  but the level of sampling and the price suggests Crudebyte are very clearly pitching these at serious piano players looking for a mobile sound source for studio or live performance. And, if the sounds in the three demo videos are anything to go by, then all three certainly sound very good indeed.

Of course, at Colossus Piano is not in the casual purchase category for the occasional use. However,  if piano is absolutely your thing, then the detailed sampling offered here might be a very tempting proposition. Check out the video demos; the sound and performance dynamics are very impressive….

Colossus Piano


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    1. Colin Edwards says:

      I am delighted to find a virtual instrument with such high quality samples (24 bit), so thank you to Crudebyte for raising the bar, good work so far. Colossus may have a superb sample library at its core, however the way these samples are controlled needs some fine tuning. Colossus could easily be the best piano app for iPad but I don’t think it is there yet.

      Transpose, and pitch fine tuning are settings found on most digital stage pianos. These features are needed when working in any kind of group or classical music performance, or indeed recordings where piano is being added to a guitar track, which may not be exactly tuned to A440. A more natural note-off decay is needed I feel, the addition of hammer release noise does nothing to help the unnaturally abrupt cut-off.

      • Colin Edwards says:

        The Crudebyte team offers a prompt and friendly response to user feedback messages. I quote their response to my question about fine tuning and transposition:

        “The app supports various standard MIDI messages, including fine tuning and
        scale tuning messages already. So you might control this by an external MIDI
        controller. However adding explicit controls for this to the user interface
        are planned.”

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