ChordPolyPad update – Laurent Colson updates his powerful iOS MIDI performance app

Download from iTunes App Storechordpolypad logoIt this week ‘update your MIDI performance app’ week or something similar? On the same day that I reported on the Chordion update, I find myself also reporting on an update for ChordPolyPad :-)

Not that that’s a bad thing….  ChordPolyPad, which I did a full review of some time ago, is a very powerful tool. In essence, the app is very simple; you get multiple banks of trigger pads into which you can define any chord you like with full control over how that chord is voiced (the number of notes and their spread across the MIDI note range). You can also switch from the main ‘editing’ display (where the pads dominate the upper-left portion of the interface) to a ‘performance’ view (where the pads fill almost the whole display). However, there is most certainly a depth to the app and, while that does mean something of a learning curve to exploit all the functions, the app does reward the effort.

ChordPolyPad – great for MIDI data entry to your iOS synths or sequencer, or to your desktop computer proving you can make a MIDI connection.

An update has appeared on the App Store today taking the app to v.1.4.1 and, while this is just a ‘bug fixes’ update, considering the previous update was back in December 2015 (eeek!), it is very welcome indeed. Here’s hoping developer Lauent Coloson is planning to keep the app ticking over as iOS itself evolves because this is a great utility to have within your iOS music making toolkit it you don’t get on with conventional keyboards (hardware or touchscreen) as a way of creating MIDI data.

ChordPolyPad is one of the more fully-featured MIDI performance app available for iOS and, as well as using it to control other iOS music apps or to record MIDI data into Cubasis, I also use it connected to my desktop system for creating MIDI parts within Cubase. At UK£12.99/US$12.99, if you do any serious amount of MIDI sequencing work, ChordPolyPad perhaps goes further in terms of features than Chordion (so the two apps might suit different types of user and different types of use), but it is well worth the asking price. You can read the original review of ChordPolyPad here but the app comes highly recommended for all those creating MIDI data, whether your keyboard skills suck as much as mine or not :-)


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    1. Daniel Stenning says:

      Shame ChordPolyPad does support Ableton Link like Navichord.

      I’d buy it in an instant if it did.

      Navichord is now catching up with aspects CPP has had for a long time – like multiple banks of 16 pads. Except NC can then play these in sequenced fashion. Very useful.

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