Chordology update – neat chord dictionary from Greg Raine gets some TLC

Download from iTunes App Storechordology logoWhay back in the mists of iOS music technology time (OK, 2013), I did a short review of Greg Raine’s Chordology. At the time, I commented that Chordology was a great example of one of the strengths of iOS software; it takes one simple – and very useful – task and does it well. In Chordology’s case, this is providing a chord dictionary (and, for piano at least, also scale directory); no fuss, no unnecessary bells and whistles… the app just does the one job in as straightforward a fashion as possible. And, at UK£1.99/US$1.99, it’s a very useful utility that wouldn’t break anyone’s bank.

Chordology lets you view a wide range of chord shapes with a minimum of fuss.

Chord libraries are not something that are going to need a lot of updating (unless, of course, you invest some new chords) so it’s perhaps not surprising that the app hasn’t been refreshed in a while….   However, Greg has applied the occasional bit of TLC to ensure compatibility with underlying changes in iOS itself. And the latest of those updates arrived yesterday so Chordology should now offer a smoother experience under iOS10. There are no significant new features added but it’s good to see a useful utility app given some development love.

Support for the piano also includes a ‘scales’ mode.

As an iOS chord dictionary, Chordology does exactly what is sets out to do with a minimum of fuss. This is a very useful little iOS music app utility for anyone who plays piano, guitar, banjo or ukulele. It’s nicely laid out and very easy to use. And at a pocket money price, it is well worth adding to your music app collection.



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