Caustic update – Single Cell Software’s electronic music production app ready for iOS8

Download from iTunes App Storecaustic logo If you like the ‘all-in-one’ approach to electronic music production, for my money, three iOS apps would be top of my list of contenders; NanoStudio (the original under iOS), Gadget (ultra slick interface) and Caustic (almost an early version of Reason ‘lite’ designed for iOS). I’ve reviewed all three of these apps here on the blog in the past and they all have their particular set of strengths and weaknesses. Any one, however, is capable of getting some pretty full-on music made.

If you are a Caustic fan, it was great to see the v.3.1.1 update arrive on the same day as iOS8. While this featured a number of welcome bugfixes, the highlight was the update to the latest Audiobus SDK and, therefore, ensuring that Caustic was iOS8 ready.

You've got to love the Caustic rack :-) Cool retro graphics but very usable also....

You’ve got to love the Caustic rack :-) Cool retro graphics but very usable also….

Having just updated my iPad Air to iOS8, I’ve slowly been working through my various ‘go to’ iOS music apps that are already iOS8 compatible to check things out and ensure everything seems to be running smoothly. Thumbs up then to Caustic as it seems to be working well, both as a stand-alone app and within Audiobus.

Caustic running within Audiobus under iOS8 :-)

Caustic running within Audiobus under iOS8 :-)

Incidentally, one thing I would love to see added to the app at some stage is the option for multiple audio outputs rather like that found in apps such as Loopy HD. It would be great if Caustic had this option via Audiobus and you could pass the audio output from each individual Caustic device, via Audiobus onto a separate audio track in your favourite iOS DAW (such as Cubasis).

If you have not yet given Caustic a try, perhaps the best way to sum it up, as mentioned above, is to describe it as ‘Reason-lite’ for iOS; the rack-based approach is very like early versions of Propellerhead’s Reason and, given the pretty modest UK£6.99 price tag, Caustic packs a heck of a punch. And by the way, Single Cell Software do some of the best video tutorials for their apps of any developer out there….  so newbies can soon get to grips with the many options offered by the app….

If you want an all-in-one app for electronic music production, and that runs on both iPad and iPhone, then Caustic comes highly recommended… and now, happily, can do its stuff under iOS8.



Single Cell Software video support for Caustic 3.1.

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    1. Caustic is great. I’ve put it down for awhile due to distraction with other apps (and general lack of time), but I’m really thinking that Caustic on iPhone and Gadget on iPad are going to become my primary sketchpads for song-writing on limited time. I can always go back later and redo things (or record guitars) using AudioBus and the other apps, but it’s crazy the variety of file types and sounds you can generate within Caustic. For all the grief the old-school interface gets, it’s also probably one of the easier piano rolls to use with a small touchscreen.

      • Hi Jeff… I kind of like the ‘old school’ look and I agree with you re the editor… touchscreens are not at their best for this function but Caustic does a decent job in that regard. best wishes, John

    2. You can always download skins for Caustic 3 if you dont like the ‘old school’ look!

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