Disco Fingers review – accessible music making for iOS with a cartoon twist

There are all sorts of ‘serious’ applications for Apple’s iPad technology and these extend well beyond the realms of music making that I cover here on the Music App Blog. Equally, however, an iPad can also be a source of entertainment, whether that’s for the occasional game, watching a move or a dash of ‘edutainment’ where you have a bit of fun and learn something new. In terms of iOS music apps, there are plenty of options that perhaps fall closer to ‘edutaintment’ than to ‘serious’ and, … [Read more...]

MultitrackStudio for iPad update – Giel Bremmers iOS recording app gets new features

When it comes to recording music under iOS, there are quite a number of different approaches you can adopt and a number of different apps that might do the job. What makes the 'right' app for you will, of course, depend upon exactly what that 'job' is. If, for example, you just want to create electronic music, then one or more of the apps I discussed in the electronic music production roundup article might be what you need. However, if you want to combine both audio and MIDI based recording, … [Read more...]

MIDImorphosis sale – Secret Base Design apps reduced for Nigel Tufnel Day

Depending upon your age and musical interests, you may have absolutely no idea who Nigel Tufnel is. As the lead guitarist from the band Spinal Tap, profiled in the mockumentary 'This Is Spinal Tap' back in 1984, he was famed for having an amp where all the controls went up to 11 (rather than 10) so it could be even louder. Fans of the film - which contains just about every heavy rock cliché you can possible imagine - started a campaign to get the date 11/11/11 recognised as 'Nigel Tufnel Day' … [Read more...]

Floating on Air – Are you ready for a new iPad Air 2 yet?

If you are as nerdy about the whole iPad thing (and Apple products in general) as I have become over the last three years, then I suspect that you have already watched the Apple Event video from yesterday’s launch presentation. It was, as ever, slick, glossy and full of very positive message about how the company is moving forward. It even included a good dollop of Apple’s sense of humour (which you will love or hate but I’m happy enough to indulge). There were all sorts of interesting things … [Read more...]

MidiBridge update – Audeonic bring iOS8 support to their MIDI utility app

I first reviewed Audeonic's MidiBridge app back in February 2013. Way back then (well, it is a long time ago in iOS music technology terms), we had only just got Audiobus and were discovering the wonders of sending audio from one iOS music app to another in real time. And while we did have Core MIDI in iOS at that stage, I think it is fair to say that MIDI communication was a bit of a mess. While some of this was down to the limitations of the OS at that stage, the somewhat unpredictable … [Read more...]

Harmony Voice update and on sale – VirSyn bring iOS8 support to their vocal app

I reviewed VirSyn’s Harmony Voice music app a while back (you can read that review here) and was impressed to see this type of vocal processing – familiar to desktop musicians for some time – starting to appear for iOS. The app also got Audiobus support added in a subsequent update and then IAA support. As the app’s name suggests, Harmony Voice produces vocal harmonies based upon your audio input and the pitch of these four-part harmonies can be produced either automatically by the app or … [Read more...]

Alchemy update – Camel Audio’s iOS synth now ready for iOS8

It must be a day for the 'A' label iOS music apps. Having just posted about the update to the rather wonderful Animoog, here is a further post about Camel Audio's Alchemy Synth Mobile Studio. As with Animoog, Alchemy has been around on the iTunes App Store since late 2011 (yep, before I started this website) and, unfortunately, it has never quite bubbled up to the top of my to-do list in terms of a full review. At some stage, I'll have to put that right.... Even so, this is an app with a … [Read more...]

Beat-Machine giveaway – 10 copies of Primitive Digital Software’s iOS drum machine up for grabs

I posted a news item a couple of days ago about a significant update to Primitive Digital Software's rather cute Beat-Machine virtual drum and rhythm app for iOS. As you might expect given both the name and the graphics, this is a virtual beat-box-style app and includes a nice s election of sample-based drum kits and allows you to program patterns based around those kits. The updated added all sorts of useful things; IAA support, State Saving in Audiobus 2, a 64-bit sound engine, a song mode … [Read more...]

Meteor update – 4Pockets bring new features to their iOS audio+MIDI recording app

While apps such as Auria, Cubasis and Garageband perhaps get the headlines when it comes to recording under iOS, there are a number of other contenders that are well worth considering. If you want both audio and MIDI recording within a single app, one of the other obvious choices is Meteor Multitrack Recorder by developer 4Pockets. I did a full review of v.1.5 of Meteor back in March 2013 so, if you are not familiar with the basic operation of the app, that would be worth a skim through. With … [Read more...]