Modstep updated – AppBC bring Audiobus 3 support to their iOS MIDI sequencer for iPad

Regular iOS music makers will be familiar with AppBC as the developer behind Studiomux and Modstep apps. I did a full review of Modstep just after it was launched and the feature set is impressive. You can use unlimited MIDI tracks and there is support for multiple MIDI continuous controllers on each MIDI track so you can modulate your sound sources to keep your sounds changing, etc. The first significant update added Audio Units (AU) support which was great to see. A further update has … [Read more...]

Drum Loops HD update – Go Independent Records add new loops and new design

There are all sorts of ways to create drum tracks for your iOS-based music productions. When I want something with a genuine 'human drummer' feel, I'll turn to the excellent DrumPerfect Pro, Drum Session or one of Luis Martinez's very cool apps. These are as close as we currently have under iOS to the desktop software such as BFD or Superior Drummer. However, if I'm in a hurry to catch an idea before it vanishes into thin air, then I'm happy to turn to some audio drum loops, and a suitable … [Read more...]

Lorentz updated – iceWorks add AU support to their flexible iOS synth app

I reviewed Lorentz Polyphonic Synthesizer from developer iceWorks when it was first released. There is a lot to like about this synth. It combines a very easy price (currently UK£5.99/US$5.99) with equally easy programming and still manages to sound very good indeed. It also included Audiobus and IAA support from the off, a decent MIDI specification and Ableton Link support was added in an update about 12 months ago. The further update to the app arrived on the App Store today taking the app … [Read more...]

Xynthesizr update – Yuri Turov brings his step-based sequencer/synthesizer up to date

One iOS music app that I always have a lot of fun with is Yuri Turov's rather interesting Xynthesizr universal iOS music app. In essence, Xynthesizr offers a streamlined 32-step-based pattern sequencer and synthesizer engine. However, it also has a 'generative music' element to if given how the sequences can be set to follow particular root note/scale combinations and the randomise functions that can help your sequence evolve. You can also output your sequences for playback on other iOS synths … [Read more...]

Layr update – Living Memory Software’s mega multi-timbral synth gets fixes and features

If you are an iOS music maker with a bit of a synth habit, then you will already be well aware of Living Memory's iOS mega-synth Layr. The app was released in March and has been widely praised. I suspect is has also broken more than a few 'I don't need any more iOS synths' promises that folks had made to themselves. I reviewed the app on release here on the Music App Blog.... If you are unfamiliar with the app then do read the review as there are some underlying principles to get your head … [Read more...]

Audiobus 3 updated – Audiobus Remote support now added to Audiobus 3

I posted a full review of Audiobus 3 when it was released at the beginning of April. As promised by the Audiobus team, the new version had three new headline features. First, the app provides MIDI routing between compatible apps, making it easier to configure your overall arrangement of apps within a specific Audiobus project. Second, Audiobus 3 supports Audio Unit plugins as well as Audiobus and IAA compatible apps. This is obviously an important development given that AU is now making … [Read more...]

Cubasis double giveaway – 5 copies of Steinberg’s brilliant Cubasis and 5 copies of the Classic Machines IAP to be won

As regular readers here will know, I'm a bit of a Cubasis fan. Cubasis offers a slick interface and a well focused feature set that lets you get on with the core tasks of recording and mixing audio/MIDI music productions. And, as a Cubase user on the desktop, for me at least, Cubasis makes a perfect platform for capturing initial ideas that can then easily be moved across to the desktop if they make the grade as something worth developing further. A personal opinion I know but, for me, Cubasis … [Read more...]

SynthScaper launched – Igor Vasiliev adds a synth-based sound design instrument to his iOS music app line-up

I've reviewed a number of Igor Vasiliev's iOS music apps here on the blog including Audio Mastering, AltiSpace, Master FX, Master Record and SoundScaper  All these apps are excellent and deliver excellent performance combined with equally excellent value for money in a straightforward, no fuss, fashion. SoundScaper was  bit of a departure from the more conventional audio effects processing apps Igor had previously released but it proved very popular with sound designers and more experimental … [Read more...]

Ripplemaker giveaway results – five winners of brilliant AU modular iOS synth

As I mentioned when reviewing Troublemaker from Bram Bos in early January, that app is already a favourite for inclusion in my ‘top 10 iOS music apps of 2017’ when I get to mull over that annual thought process in a few months time. So, you will forgive me if I was a little excited by the arrival of Bram’s latest app – Ripplemaker – which arrived on the App Store a couple of weeks ago. Ripplemaker is described as a ‘West Coast Flavoured Modular Synth’ and....  well, I wasn't disappointed; … [Read more...]