Ruismaker giveaway – one copy of both of Bram Bos’ iOS AUi plugin drum machines to be won

As I posted a couple of days ago, Bram Bos has just updated both his Ruismaker iOS drum machine apps to include a very clever (and very creative) Euclidean pattern sequencer. Alongside,  Phasemaker, Troublemaker and Ripplemaker synth apps , Bram has, over the last 12 months or so, built an impressive catalogue of iOS music apps. All five include AU plugin support and, when used stand-alone, all five now offer excellent phrase-based pattern sequencing. Given the potential that Audio Units … [Read more...]

Vatanator giveaway – three copies of Georgi Georiev’s streamlined drum machine to be won

I’ve reviewed a whole range of different drum and groove apps for the blog over the last few years. These comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and, within any iOS musician’s app collection, there is most certainly room for a number of these tools as, across the whole range, they offer different features, functions and approaches to working. One recent release in this category is Vatanator. This is the first app by developer Georgi Georgiev and I did a full review of the app on the blog soon … [Read more...]

Elastic Drums ON SALE – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app at a bargain price

If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you might well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. The app was great on first launch but Oliver has released a steady stream of very useful updates since then bringing improved IAA and Audiobus support plus a number of other new features, including, universal status, Ableton Link support and a new sampler playback engine. Audiobus 3 support is also now included. Anyway, if you have not yet … [Read more...]

iMono/Poly launched – Korg bring another classic synth to the iOS platform

Korg have an impressive legacy in the world of the synthesizer starting way back when with some innovative hardware designs. And while they still make (and recreate classic synths) in hardware, they have also embraced the software synth. Over recent years that has included iOS and, amongst the more recent releases are apps such as ARP ODYSSEi, iM1, iWaveStation and iDS-10. They have also released the excellent Gadget (now ported to OSX) and Module, there flagship iOS sample-based virtual … [Read more...]

Ruismaker update – both of Bram Bos’ iOS AUi plugin drum machines go to v.2.0

It's almost exactly a year since Bram Bos launched both Ruismaker and Ruismaker FM, his two iOS drum apps that are delivered in an AU plugin format. Both are interesting not because they feature some uber-complex and sophisticated drum programming options but perhaps because they are designed to be the opposite of that; drum synths that are easy to program, have modest demands on the iOS hardware host and very easy to get to grips with. And Bram has not let the grass grow under his feet; … [Read more...]

MultitrackStudio for iPad update – Giel Bremmers iOS recording app gets some tweaks

As I posted back in September last year, MultitrackStudio for iPad by Giel Bremmers was the first iOS DAW/sequencer app to get support for hosting Apple's new Audio Unit (AU) plugin format for iOS. And, while MultitrackStudio perhaps doesn't have the profile of the likes of GarageBand, Auria Pro or Cubasis, it is a very solid and well-featured audio+MIDI recoding package and it was great to see Giel being so quick off the mark to support the new plugin format. Anyway, AU - both in terms of … [Read more...]

BeatMaker 3 updated – first significant update to v.3 of Intua’s iOS DAW/sequencer

Intua's BeatMaker has been around on the App Store in one form or another for a very long time. BeatMaker 2, despite its name, is a full-fledged music production environment and I reviewed the app a few years ago here on the blog. However, the long-awaited update to BeatMaker 3 took place a few weeks ago and delivered a major overhaul and some significant new features. BeatMaker 3 is a pretty deep app - but, along with some familiar features and elements to the UI, there are also many new … [Read more...]

DM2 update – Audionomy’s excellent iOS drum synth app learns to drone

I was hugely impressed when I reviewed DM2 drum synth from Pascal Douillard's Audionomy development team on initial release. DM2 made a brilliant debut and, while it has enough features to keep the more experienced drum programmers happy, it is also very accessible to those new to drum machine programming or drum synthesis. Of course, DM2 also offered Audiobus, IAA, MIDI in/out, MIDI Clock sync and (hooray!) Ableton Link from the off. DM2 comes with a beautiful looking design thanks to Jonas … [Read more...]

Audiobus 3 updated – Audiobus adds tempo controls via Ableton Link

I posted a full review of Audiobus 3 when it was released at the beginning of April. As promised by the Audiobus team, the new version had three new headline features. First, the app provides MIDI routing between compatible apps, making it easier to configure your overall arrangement of apps within a specific Audiobus project. Second, Audiobus 3 supports Audio Unit plugins as well as Audiobus and IAA compatible apps. This is obviously an important development given that AU is now making … [Read more...]