Cubase iC Pro update – Steinberg update their iOS remote control app for Cubase

As regular readers here will be aware, while I'm a huge fan of iOS-based music technology, I do also run a desktop-based music production system. In my case, that's built around Steinberg's Cubase DAW/sequencer (hence my preference for Cubasis under iOS). With quite so many years on my personal Cubase clock, I'm unlikely to be changing tack anytime soon but, having used a number of the obvious competitors, I have to say that it is now quite difficult to find a 'bad' DAW/sequencer whether you are … [Read more...]

Elastic Drums updated – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app gets new features

If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you will be well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. As I mentioned back in February, the app recently underwent a significant update to v.2.0.  Having added support for using drum samples (via an IAP) in v.1.9, v.2.0 added Ableton Live Set Export features, re-vamped the sample import process and made further sample-based kits available via the in-app store. Oliver is, however, one of the more … [Read more...]

Audulus 3 updated – modular synthesis app gets Audiobus 3 support

If you are the kind of person who likes to program their own synth patches then an iOS music app such as Audulus is pretty much the ultimate playground. Not only do you get to program your own patches but - because of the modular nature of the virtual instrument - you also get to build the synth engine in the first place. I reviewed Audulus 3 - a new version of the app with some significant additions and design restyling - when it first appeared and was very impressed. In essence, however, … [Read more...]

Korg SALE – Korg’s mega iOS music apps ON SALE including Gadget

I posted a full review of the v.3.0 release of Gadget for iOS back in March here on the Music App Blog. The new audio recording support is impressive and the fact that many features new to v.3 were supplied to existing users as a free update was also an impressive gesture from Korg. The iOS update was, of course, timed to coincide with the release of Gadget for OSX. A further gadget update appeared yesterday taking the app to v.3.2.0. There was the usual round of fine-tuning to improve … [Read more...]

KASPAR launched – Yonac deliver their new ‘8 synths in one’ iOS music app – and ON SALE

I've reviewed a number of Yonac's iOS music apps here on the Music App Blog over the years including ToneStack and Steel Guitar, both of which I really like. However, Yonac also do keyboard-based iOS music apps and their latest release is KASPAR, a brand new synth app and which appeared on the App Store today. I've only had the briefest of plays so far but there are some cool sounds to be had. However, there are also some interesting elements to the design that will, I'm sure, catch the … [Read more...]

Layr giveaway results – two winners of Living Memory Software’s excellent multi-timbral synth app

If you are an iOS music maker with a bit of a synth habit, then you will already be well aware of Living Memory's iOS mega-synth Layr. The app has been widely praised and, I suspect, helped to spoil more than a few 'I don't need any more iOS synths' promises that folks had made to themselves. I reviewed the app upon release on the Music App Blog....  in short, the potential is obvious and, as the demo videos suggest, this is an app can deliver some hugely impressive sounds and has a great … [Read more...]

Bram Bos updates – Troublemaker, Ripplemaker and Phasemaker all updated

I reviewed all of Bram Bos' various iOS music apps here on the blog including Troublemaker, Ripplemaker and Phasemaker. They are all very good indeed, but the first two on this list are something special. I suspect both will make my 'top 10 of 2017' list when the time rolls around. Anyway, all three apps received similar updates on the App Store late yesterday. As well as 'minor housekeeping', the key change listed is 'optimisations for use with BeatMaker 3'. I suspect this is mostly involved … [Read more...]

Funk Drummer update – funky drum app from Luis Martinez gets new MIDI features

I’ve covered a whole bunch of different drum, percussion and groove-based apps here on the Music App Blog over the last couple of years or so including, this week, the newly released DrumPerfect Pro. However, if you are after a straightforward take on ‘rock’ drums where the results are pretty much instant and song construction requires no pattern programming, then you would be hard pressed to find something better than Rock Drum Machine by developer Luis Martinez. Luis also has other drum apps … [Read more...]

BeatMaker 3 launched – Intua deliver long-awaited v.3 of their iOS DAW/sequencer – and on SALE

Intua's BeatMaker has been around on the App Store in one form or another for a very long time. BeatMaker 2, despite its name, is a full-fledged music production environment and I reviewed the app a few years ago here on the blog. Intua have obviously been continuing work on the app - and it has a loyal following - but they are not one of the developers that pump out regular updates. However, the app did receive regular attention to support the user base as iOS music tech itself has … [Read more...]