Cube Synth updated – VirSyn ‘add’ to their additive iOS synth app

I reviewed VirSyn's interesting Cube Synth way back in October 2013 soon after it was first released. The additive synth engine undoubtedly gives it a distinct ‘voice’ when compared to many of the subtractive-based synths that dominate the virtual synth world (including iOS). On these grounds alone, many long-standing iOS synth heads probably added Cube Synth to their app collection. However, while Cube Synth saw a number of updates during the first 12 months or so after release, the most … [Read more...]

Ops review – Jonathan MacKenzie brings his take on a modular synth for iOS

I make this confession regularly on the blog – I’m no great expert when it comes to synth programming – and such a confession is all the more apt when we are taking about not just programming synths but actually designing your own synth from scratch. Yes, modular synths, of which we have a good few examples available under iOS, are something that are, at any detailed level, well out of my comfort zone. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested though and I’ve reviewed a number of such apps here on … [Read more...]

Arctic ProSynth update – One Red Dog Media add iOS10 support to their excellent synth app

I reviewed Arctic ProSynth from One Red Dog Media when it was first released and I was impressed by the combination of powerful, aggressive analog synth sounds and the balance struck between the degree of editing control offered and the ease with which that editing could be accessed. One Red Dog kept regular updates coming for the app for quite a while, with a combination of new features and technical improvements to build on the original release. These were always good to see but the basic … [Read more...]

Saffron Saturator update – the ‘flora’ project iOS music apps start to go AU

Back in 2015, developers Timothy Barraclough and Paul Mathews released a series of iOS audio effects apps with a naming convention based on a floral theme. No, I've no idea what the whole floral theme is about either but the apps - Cactus Chorus, Phlox Phaser, Buttercup Bitcrush, Dahlia Delay and Saffron Saturator - all followed a similar format; all supported Audiobus and IAA, all offered very simple user interfaces and all were available at a budget price (even for the App Store). I've … [Read more...]

Quantiloop update – stompbox-style looper app from Stephan Marx gets some tweaks

While live performance using some sort of looping device has become much more mainstream over recent years, it is still perhaps a niche activity. As such, it is perhaps a bit surprising that we have quite so many looper-style apps available on the App Store as we do. Daddy of them all is, of course, Loopy HD, but there are other excellent contenders for your money including Loopr, Voice Jam Studio, LooperSonic, LoopTree, Group The Loop and Ostinator. And, released just a few months ago - and … [Read more...]

Shapesynth update – interesting poly synth from Erik Sigth gets some tweaks

If you have been addicted to the music app category of the App Store for any length of time then you may well have your fair share of iOS synths. I’ve a folder full of them on my own iPad and, while a good number get regular use, there are still plenty I’ve fully to capitalise upon… Some iOS synth heads will, of course, gravitate to the deeper end of the synth app pool - the area were the likes of zMors Modular (which was updated today) might inhabit - but others, those who are still wearing … [Read more...]

zMors Modular update – modular iOS synth goes universal

Regular readers might recall that I reviewed Sven Braun's zMors Modular (currently UK£9.99/US$9.99) some time ago here on the blog. Sven is also the developer behind the rather cool zMors Synth (also UK£9.99) that I've reviewed in the past here on the Music App Blog; a somewhat quirky and retro synth but with a well-thought out interface is easy to use even for newbie synth programmers. I'm not sure the same can be said of zMors Modular (or, indeed, any modular synth) as it is really a DIY … [Read more...]

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio update – rapid updates to new iOS DAW/sequencer

If you look at the desktop marketplace, the world is not short of DAW/sequencer options. And, if the likes of, for example, Cubasis, GarageBand or Auria Pro don't float your particular boat, as I posted last week, there is now a further option for you to consider; Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. As I discussed in the full review, I was impressed with the basic concept, the conventional design approach (which makes for a modest learning curve) and the sensible core feature selection. The 'free … [Read more...]

Brazilian Drum Machine updated – Luis Martinez tweaks his Latin American iOS drum app

I’ve covered a whole bunch of different drum, percussion and groove-based apps here on the Music App Blog over the last couple of years or so. However, if you are after a straightforward take on drums where the results are pretty much instant and song construction requires no pattern programming, then you would be hard pressed to find something better than the various genre-themed drum apps from Luis Martinez. One of these is the excellent Brazilian Drum Machine. This is a universal app and … [Read more...]