Smart Click review – free metronome app from Steinberg

As I mentioned last week when putting up a short review of the new BOSS Tuner app, the App Store features lots (lots and lots) of different tuner applications for musicians. OK, so some of them might be aimed at specific musical instruments but, for most folks, a selection of one or two such apps is probably plenty....   and, as the new BOSS Tuner is a freebie, for guitar players in particular, it would be a decent place to start :-) Another 'utility app' group that is also well stocked on … [Read more...]

Klimper review – songwriting tool with an educational twist from Tobias Suellhoefer

Over the last few years, I’ve reviewed a quite a number of educational iOS music apps that, in one way or another, offer the user an opportunity to expand upon their musical knowledge. Some of these are purely educational and perhaps EarMaster is a good example of this with its structured series of music theory and ear testing exercises. Others, however, combine being something of a sound source themselves with educational elements and perhaps Navichord – which merges a MIDI performance tool … [Read more...]

BOSS Tuner review – free guitar pedal tuner in an iOS app from BOSS

I've said a number of times that one category the iTunes App Store is not short of supplies in is the 'synth app' category. OK, so most of us are happy to have a number (heck, even a very large number) of synths at our disposal, especially given the very modest price point of many of these virtual instruments in an app. However, there is another iOS music app category that isn't exactly short of a few candidates; the tuner app and, in this case, most of us might get by with just one or two in … [Read more...]

EarMaster review – EarMaster ApS bring their ear training and sight-singing environment to iOS

When it comes to apps for musicians, the App Store is not just about synths, drum machines, DAWs, effects and guitar rig sims; there are also some really good ‘utility’ style apps available. One sub-set of these are the musical training apps and I’ve reviewed a number of these over the last few years here on the Music App Blog. One new addition to this category is EarMaster from developers EarMaster ApS. As the title suggests, EarMaster is an app for developing and testing your musical … [Read more...]

Metagrid review – iOS-based remote controller for desktop DAW/sequencer software

As regular readers here will know, while I’m a huge fan of iOS-based music making, I also run a desktop music production system. However, that’s something that iOS is now also an integral part of. This can just be as a source of sounds or effects; there are some great iOS music apps that more than compete with the desktop and Music IO, Studiomux and Audrieo make this integration a very practical possibility. However, I also use my iOS hardware as a ‘tool’ to make my desktop system workflow … [Read more...]

Moodscaper review – simple soundscape creation in an iOS music app

As I’ve commented before on the site, one of the things I like about iOS music apps is the sheer variety of shapes and sizes these music–making tools come in. There is undoubtedly a place for the mega-apps – the DrumPerfect Pro, Auria Pro, Audulus, Thor or BIAS FX of the music app world – but there is also a place for something that is perhaps more typical of the original ethos of the App Store; the simple, does-one-job, app. Moodscaper – from developer Rob Jackson is just such an app. As … [Read more...]

MiMiXmini launched – TTrGames bring their Audiobus mixer utility app to iPhone

I have to admit that, on first release, MiMix, from developer TTrGames, passed me by. However, with v.2.0 arriving on the App Store a few months ago, and a somewhat harder promotional push by the development team, it certainly felt like a good time for me to play ‘catch up’ and give the app a full review. MiMix has a tag line of ‘Mixer for Audiobus’ and this pretty much sums up its key function; whatever apps you have sitting within your Audiobus setup (up to a maximum of eight, although as … [Read more...]

MIDI Guitar updated – v.2 of audio-to-MIDI conversion app from Jam Origin arrives

I lamented the lot of the MIDI-hungry guitar player some time ago when reviewing the YouRock Guitar.  In short, however, there are a number of technologies that attempt to provide guitarists with a means of getting MIDI data from their guitar playing skills but, even after 25+ years of trying, none of these technologies has really fully cracked the problem. Three main approaches can be identified; the MIDI pickup, fretboard based note triggers and audio-to-MIDI conversion. Roland’s GK-3 … [Read more...]

Music Memos review – Apple create a songwriter’s notepad in an app

Some time ago here on the Music App Blog, I published a post looking at a compact ‘ever ready’ toolkit of iOS music apps that were ideal for an iPhone and primarily intended to allow the user to ‘capture’ a song idea as and when the muse decided to strike. When I put that post together, one key element of that app collection was a simple audio recording app…. not perhaps a multitrack recorder, but something that could be fired up with the minimum of fuss, switched into record mode, and … [Read more...]