SongSheet for iPhone – Ghostdust bring an iPhone version of their song and setlist manager app

Whether you are a songwriter, or a musician who plays in a gigging band doing lots of functions (weddings, parties, etc.) and have to have access to a wide repertoire of songs to suit the occasion (or requests from the floor), trying to keep all those songs – and all those chord charts – in your head is an accident waiting to happen. Most of us resort to a notebook or binder/folder of some sort. This is safe... well, safe-ish until you leave it somewhere. The alternative is to use a computer; … [Read more...]

Tessitura Pro review – sophisticated music theory app for iOS from mDecks Music

When it comes to iOS music apps on the App Store, it’s not all about synths, drum machines and DAWs; there are a good number of iOS music apps that could broadly fall into the ‘utility‘ category and I’ve looked at some of them here on the Music App Blog. These might not have the instant ‘buy me!’ appeal of some of the more glamorous synths, drum machines or guitar rig modellers but, in their own way, they are just as much an integral part of what makes iOS such a great – and versatile - platform … [Read more...]

ScalePlay review – music education meets generative musical instrument in RoGame’s latest release

Regular iOS music app geeks will be familiar with RoGame through their Qunicy app. Quincy is perhaps best described as a generative music app. It has been around on the App Store for a number of years and I’ve covered its various updates here on the Music App Blog on various occasions. Generative music tools are, perhaps, a bit of a niche interest but Quincy has proved itself to be very popular within that category and, as a means of inspiring a new musical idea, these sorts of apps are always … [Read more...]

Startfish Escalator review – Mark Wherry helps you find a name for your next band

If, like me, you spent your teenage years forming, dis-banding and then re-forming various bands with your mates, then you will have wasted just as much time as I did discussing the relative merits of different band names. At 14 (or thereabouts), the name of the band is probably the thing that occupies the attention more than anything else, including the songs and rehearsal time (doh!).... it is an important part of the musical journey. OK, so the name of the band actually means nothing in … [Read more...]

AudioTools update – Andrew Smith’s utility app will help you explore your studio acoustics

If you subscribe to the Music App Blog's weekly email newsletter, then you will know that I've recently completed a personal project studio build for my own music production work. To cut a long story short, this is a 'room within a room' built within a barn and, while on the inside, it looks like any 4x5m domestic room/office, it is pretty well sound isolated (yay! no noise gets in or out). Of course, like any room used for audio production, sound proofing (if required) doesn't mean that the … [Read more...]

AC Sabre review – interesting MIDI instrument and motion controller for iOS

One of the things I love about iOS is that it has made accessible a number of interesting, creative and unique means by which an instrument can be ‘played’. And while there are undoubtedly elements of the iOS music making experience that do not yet compete with what’s possible on a desktop system, when it comes to delivering unconventional and novel ways to generate MIDI data, iOS has most certainly bought something new to the party. This has come in a variety of ways and I did a roundup … [Read more...]

Smart Click review – free metronome app from Steinberg

As I mentioned last week when putting up a short review of the new BOSS Tuner app, the App Store features lots (lots and lots) of different tuner applications for musicians. OK, so some of them might be aimed at specific musical instruments but, for most folks, a selection of one or two such apps is probably plenty....   and, as the new BOSS Tuner is a freebie, for guitar players in particular, it would be a decent place to start :-) Another 'utility app' group that is also well stocked on … [Read more...]

Klimper review – songwriting tool with an educational twist from Tobias Suellhoefer

Over the last few years, I’ve reviewed a quite a number of educational iOS music apps that, in one way or another, offer the user an opportunity to expand upon their musical knowledge. Some of these are purely educational and perhaps EarMaster is a good example of this with its structured series of music theory and ear testing exercises. Others, however, combine being something of a sound source themselves with educational elements and perhaps Navichord – which merges a MIDI performance tool … [Read more...]

BOSS Tuner review – free guitar pedal tuner in an iOS app from BOSS

I've said a number of times that one category the iTunes App Store is not short of supplies in is the 'synth app' category. OK, so most of us are happy to have a number (heck, even a very large number) of synths at our disposal, especially given the very modest price point of many of these virtual instruments in an app. However, there is another iOS music app category that isn't exactly short of a few candidates; the tuner app and, in this case, most of us might get by with just one or two in … [Read more...]