Blocs Wave review – real-time pitch/time stretch in loop-based iOS music app

If you have any background in music technology then the Novation brand (and sister company Focusrite) will be well known to you. Novation's Launchpad hardware/software combination has been incredibly successful for both live and studio musicians and their 'free plus IAP' iOS music app version of the Launchpad concept has proved equally popular amongst both iOS musicians and, I suspect, lots of more general users (folks interested in music making but without traditional instrument … [Read more...]

LooperSonic review – streamlined looper recording app from David O’Neill

In a stompbox form, looper pedals are quite popular with guitar players but, despite the guitar being my primary instrument, it was only really when I started exploring iOS music apps that I got into the whole looper thing. I’ve always loved what some artists do with loopers live – KT Tunstall for example – but somehow never found the time to explore for myself. Of course, then I reviewed Loopy HD and that all changed as I began to realise what I’d been missing; loopers can be hugely creative … [Read more...]

Music Memos review – Apple create a songwriter’s notepad in an app

Some time ago here on the Music App Blog, I published a post looking at a compact ‘ever ready’ toolkit of iOS music apps that were ideal for an iPhone and primarily intended to allow the user to ‘capture’ a song idea as and when the muse decided to strike. When I put that post together, one key element of that app collection was a simple audio recording app…. not perhaps a multitrack recorder, but something that could be fired up with the minimum of fuss, switched into record mode, and … [Read more...]

Ferrite review – Wooji Juice do multi-track audio with a difference

Regular iOS musicians will be familiar with development team Wooji Juice through a number of iOS music apps including the excellent Mitosynth which I reviewed here on the blog about 18 months ago. Back in November, Wooji Juice released a new app – Ferrite – and, in the spirit of trying to shorten my personal ‘catch up’ list of apps I need to review, I thought it was about time I got around to seeing what the attraction (doh!) of Ferrite might be. In terms of what it is…. well, Ferrite is an … [Read more...]

Composer’s Sketchpad review – quirky composition tool from Alexei Baboulevitch

One of the things I enjoy most about running the Music App Blog is that it can expose me to a wide variety of iOS music apps. Some of these are both mainstream, come packed with features and are, in their own specific category, already the real deal. However, there are also other apps that are perhaps less obviously mainstream, a little bit more experimental and, perhaps, not quite fully developed…. but based around a core idea that is interesting or innovative in some way. One app that falls … [Read more...]

Auria Pro update – WaveMachine Labs fine-tune their iOS mega-DAW

One of the things that appeared in my personal wishlist for 2015 was to see Auria add a MIDI recording/sequencing capability. We knew it was coming - WaveMachine Labs had already stated as much - but it was still quite an event when Auria Pro finally made its debut on the App Store a few weeks ago. In reviewing Auria Pro, I was hugely impressed with the ambition shown by WaveMachine Labs. In terms of the specification and feature list, this is perhaps the first iOS DAW/sequencer that crosses … [Read more...]

Rytmik Ultimate review – new iOS all-in-one electronic music production app from Cinemax

I did a round-up article a good while ago here on the Music App Blog that looked at some of the leading ‘all-in-one’ electronic music production apps for iOS. As a purely personal opinion, I’d have Korg’s Gadget sitting at the top of my list but your mileage may well vary and there are lots of alternatives depending upon just how broadly you define the category. As I posted last week, however, we now have a new contender for your attention; Rytmik Ultimate from Cinemax. The Rytmik concept may … [Read more...]

Auria Pro review – WaveMachine Labs shift the benchmark for an iOS DAW/sequencer

I reviewed Auria when it was first released in July 2012 – around three months after the iPad 3 became available – and, like many iOS music tech junkies, I was very impressed with the ambition showed by WaveMachine Labs; Auria was, undoubtedly, a bit of a game changer. Since then, the app has had regular updates and I’ve covered the most significant new features here as they have been added. These have included, of course, Audiobus support, integration of IAA and adapting to Apple’s rapid … [Read more...]

Auria Pro launched – MIDI, a makeover and more as WaveMachine Labs go ‘Pro’ in their iOS recording app

One of the things that appeared in my personal wishlist for 2015 was to see Auria add a MIDI recording/sequencing capability. I was on pretty safe ground here as a 'prediction' because WaveMachine Labs been indicating for some time that this was 'in development' and trailed the new version some months ago. Formal beta testing was started a number of weeks ago, however, after what seems like a pretty long wait since the first announcements of the 'Pro' version were made, Auria Pro is now with … [Read more...]