AmpliTube Acoustic review – IK Multimedia bring amp and effects modelling for the acoustic guitar player

IK Multimedia will need little by way of introduction to most iOS music makers and their catalogue of both software and hardware products aimed at the iOS musician is an impressive one. I’ve reviewed a good number of their products here on the Music App Blog over the last few years and the most recent hardware item was the iRig Acoustic mic/pickup system designed (surprise, surprise!) with acoustic guitar players in mind. I was suitably impressed with the iRig Acoustic hardware. It provides a … [Read more...]

Ostinator review – streamlined looper/sampler app from Living Memory Software

While the guitar is my main instrument, one guitar-related bit of technology I’ve never really explored for my own musical projects is the looper pedal. However, I’m always impressed by the likes of KT Tunstall or Ed Sheeran who use this sort of technology in a live performance context and, even as solo performers, can create some brilliant on-the-spot arrangements. I’ve looked at a few looper-type apps here on the Music App Blog including Loopy HD, LoopTree and Loopr and, in their own way, … [Read more...]

BIAS Pedal review – Positive Grid let you design your own distortion pedal in an iOS app

There are lots of (mainly arbitrary) ways that you can classify both music and musicians. Given that I’m a fully signed up member of the guitar players union (and, therefore, not about to be accused of poking fun at others without poking fun at myself also), let’s see if I can provide one such classification for electric guitar players. In this classification, we have four groups and, while they are most certainly not mutually exclusive (a single guitar player can belong to more than one group), … [Read more...]

SessionBand Blues review – UK Music Apps give you the blues in an iOS app

A few weeks ago, I did a review of SessionBand Drums – the newest app in UK Music Apps extensive SessionBand series – and was very impressed with the app as a source of putting together acoustic drums tracks for some more conventional musical genres. As I mentioned in the review, I now have a number of the SessionBand apps lined up and ready to review and, first off the blocks is SessionBand Blues. The apps are normally priced around the UK£5.99 mark (and are, I think, very good values for … [Read more...]

Guitar Suite HD review – utility app for guitar, bass and ukulele updated

If you are an iOS music maker, there are lots of useful utility apps available on the app store to help you cultivate your musical passion. As a guitar player, one of my favourite apps in this category is Guitar Toolkit by Agile Partners (also the developer behind the AmpKit guitar rig simulator amp). Guitar Toolkit (currently UK£2.29) is kind of a 'Swiss Army knife' tool for guitarists and provides a tuner, metronome, chord library and scale library all rolled into one. It supports other … [Read more...]

Live Guitar review – Secret Base Design re-launch their playable iOS ‘guitar’ app

Way back in the mists of time (that is, in 2011, before the Music App Blog was even a twinkle in my eye), Patrick Madden of Secret Base Design launched his Live Guitar app. It received a number of updates and reached v.1.5 in March 2013 but then took a break from the App Store as Patrick focused his attention on some other iOS music apps. Patrick has certainly had plenty to keep himself busy and the Secret Base Design brand has given us a number of innovative and very useful utility apps … [Read more...]

BIAS FX Desktop review – Positive Grid launch desktop version of BIAS FX

Positive Grid have established themselves as one of the leading iOS music app developers with their guitar rig sim apps. This started with JamUp, moved on to BIAS Amps and, more recently, saw BIAS FX launched. They are, of course, also the developers behind the excellent Final Touch mastering processor for iOS. I’ve reviewed all of these apps here on the blog at one stage or another, most recently looking at BIAS FX for iOS. This can be seen as a re-working of the functions of JamUp Pro – it … [Read more...]

BIAS FX Expansion Packs review – Positive Grid bring three new effects expansion pack IAPs to their iOS virtual guitar rig app

Positive Grid’s BIAS FX made quite a splash when it was launched a few months ago for iPad and, with the desktop version also about to hit, Positive Grid are obviously keen to keep the momentum going. Not only did we see the first sale pricing on the app version last week (sadly, you have now missed that) but, yesterday, v.1.1.0 of BIAS FX arrived on the App Store with the option for three new ‘effects expansion packs’, each offering a collection of virtual effects and each priced at … [Read more...]

AmpliTube 4 launched – IK Multimedia launch v.4 of their IOS amp sim

IK Multimedia are one of the developers who have consistently made a big push with iOS and they have some pretty impressive iOS music apps in their catalogue, some of which are also available for the Android platform. AmpliTube is their 'virtual guitar rig' app and it was one of the first apps I reviewed for the Music App Blog. The app has been around for a long time and was first launched back in 2010. It has, of course, been through a number of updates since then and IK Multimedia have … [Read more...]