Ripplemaker review – Bram Bos adds AU modular iOS synth to his app catalogue

As I mentioned when reviewing Troublemaker from Bram Bos in early January, that app is already a favourite for inclusion in my ‘top 10 iOS music apps of 2017’ when I get to mull over that annual thought process in a few months time. Troublemaker is an absolute triumph on a number of levels. The control set is deep enough to coax a variety of sounds from the synth engine but without putting off the less well qualified synth dabblers, the pattern sequencer is genius in design, the app runs as an … [Read more...]

KRFT updated – Studio Amplify add MIDI support their latest iOS music app

I played a bit of 'review catch-up' when I posted a review of KRFT from Studio Amplify a few weeks ago here on the Music App Blog. Studio Amplify have a couple of other iOS musics in their catalogue and that I've looked at previously here on the blog; Jungulator and NOIZ. Both apps were perhaps aimed as much at non-musicians as those with traditional musical skills in that they allowed you to easily create musical ideas but based upon pre-existing musical content such as loops and drum … [Read more...]

Syndt review – Klevgränd add a new polyphonic synth to their ‘Kanvas’ iOS music app collection

I've reviewed a number of iOS music apps from Klevgränd Produktion here on the blog over the last year or two - Vandelay, Squashit, Svep, Roverb, Enkl, Weeel, Korvpressor, PressIt,  Esspresso, Jussi, Haaze, Pads and Baervvag amongst others. A number of these are also available in an AU plugin format for these working on an OSX desktop system and Klevgränd took a pretty bold step a few months ago when the also added AU support under iOS; it was great to see... and, in every case, I've been … [Read more...]

Future Drummer review – Luis Martinez adds electronica to his excellent iOS drum machine series

Luis Martinez has a series of ‘drum’ apps that sort of sit between the ‘virtual drummer’ and sample-based drum machines and, in many ways, offer something that is a bit of the best of both. Over the last few years, I’ve reviewed a number of apps from the series including Rock Drum Machine, Rock Drum Machine 3, Brazilian Drum Machine, Funk Drummer, Soft Drummer and Afro Latin Drum Machine. However, as a posted a few days ago, there is now a new addition to Luis' catalogue; Future Drummer … [Read more...]

Unique review – Sugar Bytes port their desktop synth to iPad and iPhone

Considering I’m really a guitar player bought up on blues and classic rock, I have a bit of an unusual thing for Sugar Bytes. The company specialise is music software aimed very much at the more electronic musician and, even within that niche, their virtual instruments and effects are pretty much ‘out there’. Perhaps not the first choice for your latest hard rock song? OK, so I spend quite a lot of time creating production music as well…. and that does involve me in spreading my musical wings … [Read more...]

Future Drummer launched – Luis Martinez adds electronica to his excellent iOS drum machine series

I’ve reviewed a whole range of different drum and groove apps here on the Music App Blog over the last few years. While they might all be ‘apps’, the approaches do vary and cover a wide range of musical territory. For example, you might get apps that offer drums based upon audio loops (Drum Loops HD), sample-based virtual drum machines (I guess Patterning comes in here but it is way more than that), virtual drummers (think DrumPerfect Pro or Drum Session here), drum synths (Elastic Drums or … [Read more...]

DrumPerfect Pro update – significant update for excellent iOS virtual drummer app

When the original DrumPerfect was released, it caused quite a stir amongst iOS musicians. While we have not been short of drum-based apps, in terms of realistic acoustic drum performance, DrumPerfect was a bit of a revelation. OK, so it wasn't perhaps the most beautiful software to look at, and the workflow could, at times, have been somewhat slicker, but the ingenious sample playback engine managed to squeeze a remarkable level of sonic detail from a pretty modest sample pot and the … [Read more...]

BeatHawk v.2.0 review – UVI bring significant new features in v.2.0 of their flagship iOS music app

I posted a full review of UVI's BeatHawk iOS music app here on the blog when it was first released. I was hugely impressed with the app. There are drum/groove box apps that perhaps pack in more features than BeatHawk does but I actually think UVI struck a brilliant balance between functionality and ease-of-use with the approach they adopted in the initial release....  and as it allows you to include melodic instruments within your projects, this is, in reality, much more than just a beat/groove … [Read more...]

DrumStudio update – compact iOS playable drum kit app with sequencer gets 64-bit support

I've never quite got around to doing a full review of Rollerchimp's DrumStudio app but I did give it a mention in my most recent iteration of the the blog's Drum App Roundup article. Drum Studio provides another take on the playable virtual drum kit. The visual representation of the drum kit is nice and includes both a cowbell and some hand drums in addition to the usual kick, snare, hi-hat, toms and cymbals. Anyway, with Audiobus and IAA support, the app has ticked quietly along as iOS … [Read more...]