BeatHawk v.2.0 review – UVI bring significant new features in v.2.0 of their flagship iOS music app

I posted a full review of UVI's BeatHawk iOS music app here on the blog when it was first released. I was hugely impressed with the app. There are drum/groove box apps that perhaps pack in more features than BeatHawk does but I actually think UVI struck a brilliant balance between functionality and ease-of-use with the approach they adopted in the initial release....  and as it allows you to include melodic instruments within your projects, this is, in reality, much more than just a beat/groove … [Read more...]

DrumStudio update – compact iOS playable drum kit app with sequencer gets 64-bit support

I've never quite got around to doing a full review of Rollerchimp's DrumStudio app but I did give it a mention in my most recent iteration of the the blog's Drum App Roundup article. Drum Studio provides another take on the playable virtual drum kit. The visual representation of the drum kit is nice and includes both a cowbell and some hand drums in addition to the usual kick, snare, hi-hat, toms and cymbals. Anyway, with Audiobus and IAA support, the app has ticked quietly along as iOS … [Read more...]

Multitrack DAW update – new features for compact iOS DAW from Harmonicdog

Multitrack DAW by Harmonicdog is a popular recording choice with lots of iOS musicians. While it is an audio-only recording environment, it does offer two advantages that appeal to users. First, Multitrack DAW is simple to use (the feature set is streamlined so you can focus on the recording process itself and not get distracted). Second, it’s a universal app that, because of its streamlined feature set (and unlike Cubasis and Auria, which are only available for iPad), actually runs rather … [Read more...]

KRFT updated – Studio Amplify add Ableton Link support their latest iOS music app

I played a bit of 'review catch-up' when I posted a review of KRFT from Studio Amplify a few weeks ago here on the Music App Blog. Studio Amplify have a couple of other iOS musics in their catalogue and that I've looked at previously here on the blog; Jungulator and NOIZ. Both apps were perhaps aimed as much at non-musicians as those with traditional musical skills in that they allowed you to easily create musical ideas but based upon pre-existing musical content such as loops and drum … [Read more...]

Layr review – Living Memory Software launch impressive multi-timbral synth app for iOS

Long-standing Music App Blog visitors might well recall that I reviewed Ostinator – a sort of app-based emulation of a hardware looper pedal (and, in concept, not unlike an app such as Quantiloop) – and released by Living Memory Software. Ostinator is a cool little app and, because of its key function, perhaps attracted most attention from iOS-using guitar players. However, as I posted on Friday, Living Memory are now back with a new app – Layr - and, this time around, it is most definitely … [Read more...]

Vatanator SX giveaway – five copies of Georgi Georiev’s streamlined iPhone drum machine to be won

I’ve reviewed a whole range of different drum and groove apps for the blog over the last few years. These comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and, within any iOS musician’s app collection, there is most certainly room for a number of these tools as, across the whole range, they offer different features, functions and approaches to working. One recent release in this category is Vatanator. This is the first app by developer Georgi Georgiev and I did a full review of the app on the blog soon … [Read more...]

BIAS Pedal update – Positive Grid’s ‘design your own stompbox’ app gets modulated

I posted a full review of BIAS Pedal back in October 2015. BIAS Pedal is Positive Grid's iOS music app that allows you to design your own distortion pedal in much the same way that BIAS Amp allows you to design your own guitar amplifier. Yes, for the non-guitar playing iOS musician fraternity, this might all sound a bit nerdy but the idea is not a million miles away from the modular synth apps that allow you to build your own synth designs. OK, so you might have to have a certain amount of … [Read more...]

Guitar Gym updated – Leafcutter Studios expand on David Mead’s guitar workout app

Way back in the mists of Music App Blog time (OK, 2013 to be a bit more precise), I reviewed David Mead's Guitar Gym app from developer Leafcutter Studios. I can’t speak for the USA or other parts of the world but, if you are a student of the guitar in the UK then I expect you will have heard of David Mead. As well as writing for two of the UK’s leading guitar magazine – Guitarist and Guitar Techniques – David has produced a number of excellent guitar tutor books. Compared to when I first … [Read more...]

KRFT review – Studio Amplify let you KRFT your own interface in their latest iOS music app

Studio Amplify have a couple of other iOS music apps in their catalogue and that I’ve looked at previously here on the blog; Jungulator and NOIZ. Both apps were perhaps aimed as much at non-musicians as those with traditional musical skills in that they allowed you to easily create musical ideas but based upon pre-existing musical content such as loops and drum samples. However, as I mentioned last week, the development team have now added a further app to their line-up; KRFT and, if you say … [Read more...]