Forever Beats review – quirky step sequencer from developer John Hussey

Music creation is a wonderful thing. Whatever the reasons you might feel compelled to do it, you can bet that the next musician will have different ones. And, whatever the workflow you use – and in particular the tools that help you realise that workflow – the odds are that the next musician will do it differently. Whether that’s your voice and an acoustic guitar, or a collection of uber-synths and a MIDI sequencer, the only rule of music creation is…. well…. there are no rules. All of which … [Read more...]

AC Sabre update – interesting MIDI instrument and motion controller for iOS gets some tweaks

I was lucky enough to review the very interesting AC Sabre back in August.  The iTunes tag line describes the app as a ‘professional MIDI instrument and motion controller’. The emphasis is most certainly on the word ‘controller’ here; AC Sabre allows the user to use the touch screen and the motion sensitivity of an iOS device to generate all sorts of MIDI data. This data can be sent to an app (for example, a synth app or DAW/sequencer) running on the same device or, via Bluetooth or WiFi, that … [Read more...]

ScalePlay review – music education meets generative musical instrument in RoGame’s latest release

Regular iOS music app geeks will be familiar with RoGame through their Qunicy app. Quincy is perhaps best described as a generative music app. It has been around on the App Store for a number of years and I’ve covered its various updates here on the Music App Blog on various occasions. Generative music tools are, perhaps, a bit of a niche interest but Quincy has proved itself to be very popular within that category and, as a means of inspiring a new musical idea, these sorts of apps are always … [Read more...]

AC Sabre review – interesting MIDI instrument and motion controller for iOS

One of the things I love about iOS is that it has made accessible a number of interesting, creative and unique means by which an instrument can be ‘played’. And while there are undoubtedly elements of the iOS music making experience that do not yet compete with what’s possible on a desktop system, when it comes to delivering unconventional and novel ways to generate MIDI data, iOS has most certainly bought something new to the party. This has come in a variety of ways and I did a roundup … [Read more...]

Clawtar review – new MIDI performance app with a twist from Dmitry Klochkov

Of all the wonders that the touchscreen makes available to musicians, a virtual rendering of the classic piano keyboard is generally not one of them. Yes, it’s great to be able to knock out a tune or a few simple chords on the move without needing any other hardware handy, but playing an emulation of a traditional piano keyboard is not the most satisfying of musical experiences. Which is why, of course, the more inventive of iOS music app developers created some alternatives…. so, whether it is … [Read more...]

Infinite Looper review – Secret Base Design embrace the looper concept with MIDI

I’ve looked at a number of audio looper apps that are available for iOS (although not all of the prime candidates; I’m still to review Everest and Group The Loop, both of which look good). The whole ‘looper’ concept is an interesting one and is probably best know in its hardware format – looper pedals for example – that are used by live musicians to layer audio loops on the fly to build up a live performance. Demonstrated at its best, this can be brilliant to see and artists such as KT … [Read more...]

SoundPrism Link Edition launched – MIDI performance app gets Ableton Link version

I reviewed SoundPrism Pro – produced by Audanika and currently priced at UK£6.99 – when it was first launched on the Music App Blog. SoundPrism Pro is essentially a MIDI performance app. Rather like apps such as Chordion, Gestrument and Synthecaster (all of which I have reviewed previously on the site), while SoundPrism Pro does include its own audio engine and has a small collection of sounds built in to it, its real strength is as a performance interface that uses the touchscreen to allow the … [Read more...]

MIDI Guitar updated – v.2 of audio-to-MIDI conversion app from Jam Origin arrives

I lamented the lot of the MIDI-hungry guitar player some time ago when reviewing the YouRock Guitar.  In short, however, there are a number of technologies that attempt to provide guitarists with a means of getting MIDI data from their guitar playing skills but, even after 25+ years of trying, none of these technologies has really fully cracked the problem. Three main approaches can be identified; the MIDI pickup, fretboard based note triggers and audio-to-MIDI conversion. Roland’s GK-3 … [Read more...]

LINK to MIDI review – Alexandernaut delivers a useful iOS music utility app

Regular iOS musicians will be familiar with Arpeggionome and Fugue Machine from developer Alexandernaut. However, a few days ago, a new app appeared – LINK to MIDI - and, if you are the kind of musician (iOS or otherwise) who likes to link all your MIDI kit together and getting it playing in sync, then it might well be of interest. As implied by the app’s title, LINK to MIDI attempts to provide a bridge between Ableton’s new LINK technology and the older, more widely used (but, under iOS, … [Read more...]