iRig Nano Amp review – IK Multimedia deliver an iOS-friendly pocket guitar amp

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago when reviewing IK Multimedia’s new iRig Acoustic Stage acoustic guitar pickup system, the company also announced a couple of other iOS-friendly hardware products at the recent NAMM show. These included the up-coming iRig Pro I/O (a follow up to the very popular original iRig Pro) and the iRig Nano Amp. The latter is now with us and a review unit arrived through my mailbox a few days ago. So, if you like the idea of a pocket-sized amp to use with your … [Read more...]

iRig Acoustic Stage review – IK Multimedia revamp their acoustic guitar pickup system

While the winter NAMM show was, as usual, dominated by guitars and drum and keyboards and desktop music technology, tucked away in the corners were a number of items that would obviously appeal to the iOS-based musician. For example, IK Multimedia – one of the more prominent supporters of the mobile musician – had a few new things to announce. These included the up-coming iRig Pro I/O (a follow up to the very popular original iRig Pro) and the iRig Nano Amp (a pocket-sized amp for your iOS-based … [Read more...]

iRig HD 2 review – IK Multimedia raise the iOS guitar interface bar

At times, IK Multimedia have had their share of detractors amongst the iOS music making community (most notably for their use of in-app ads but, thankfully, this is criticism they have responded to) but they are certainly a company that has embraced the iOS platform full-on. The R&D costs of developing software for a relatively new platform are considerable yet IKM have produced a number of very creditable music apps, AmpliTube, SampleTank, VocaLive, iGrand and iLectric amongst them. … [Read more...]

Seventh heaven – Apple launch the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

As any die-hard iOS musician will be aware, Apple held one of its super-slick launch events yesterday with Tim Cook and the crew taking us through a number of new Apple product enhancements. Yes, sad that I am, I sat through the whole 2 hours (I multi-tasked though!)..... :-) The focus was very much on the iPhone and  Apple Watch so, if you are more of an iPad-based iOS musician, and maybe also run a desktop-based music system using a MacBook or iMac, then there was perhaps less to get your … [Read more...]

iSolo pickup review – wireless acoustic pickup system with iOS support

I’ve been lucky enough to get to try quite a range of hardware add-ons that might be of interest to the iOS musician in the course of running the Music App Blog. As a relatively new – and very quickly evolving – platform, buying hardware dedicated for just iOS use can be a bit of a risky business. However, perhaps less of a risk are products aimed at both desktop and iOS users and the latest hardware item I have in for review is an example of this; the iSolo wireless acoustic microphone … [Read more...]

Yamaha MIDI adapeters announced – universal Bluetooth MIDI adapters with iOS support

While I happy to admit to a bit of anti-cable OCD in my studio space, if you are involved in any sort of high-tech music making, cable spaghetti is a bit of a way of life. Of course, any opportunity to reduce that is welcome and, whether that's single cables that carry multiple signals or wireless connectivity, providing the performance is fir for purpose, less cable clutter is a good thing. All of which means lots of musicians - iOS musicians included - will be quite interested to see just … [Read more...]

iConnectAUDIO2+ announced – iConnectivity add to their product line

Longstanding iOS musicians will be familiar with the iConnectivity brand. The company have developed a number of hardware products that do quite an interesting thing. While all of these devices fall into either the 'MIDI interface' or 'audio+MIDI interface' ballpark, they have further connectivity options that make them appealing to the iOS music maker; they attempt to provide a hub function that allows you to connect multiple computing devices to the iConnect hardware and pass data between … [Read more...]

iLoud Micro Monitor announced – IK Multimedia launch ‘the smallest studio reference monitors in the world’

IK Multimedia are one of the mainstream music technology companies that have fully embraced iOS as a music-making platform. As well as making some very good apps (many of which I've reviewed here on the Music App Blog), they also make hardware aimed at the iOS musician. This includes devices such as the original iRig audio interface (that launched many guitar players in the the wonders of iPhone/iPad amp modelling) through to more recent products such as the iRig Duo, iRig Mic Lav, iRig Keys Pro … [Read more...]

BT series update – Positive Grid’s Bluetooth footpedals get some tweaks

If you have been hooked into the wonderful world of iOS music making for any length of time then Positive Grid will need little by way of introduction. Their headline iOS music apps – JamUp Pro, Final Touch, BIAS Amp and BIAS FX - have all made a significant impact and guitar players in particular have been very well served. As well as porting some of their iOS apps over onto the desktop (a brave move given the established competition), PG also announced some time ago that they were going … [Read more...]