Why less can be more – just how many iOS music apps do you really need?

I’ve been running the Music App Blog for just over four years and, in that time, I’ve published reviews of…. well, I’ve lost count of how many iOS music apps…. but it is well over 200 (use the 'Search' box located top-right of the side-bar area to find any you might have missed!) and I’ve used, dabbled with, and sometimes discarded, many more. That’s a lot of music apps but I suspect there are plenty of iOS musicians who can easily match – and exceed – those sorts of numbers. Like me, I’m … [Read more...]

The (iOS music making) truth is out there…. a recommendation for The Recording Revolution

As regular readers at the blog will know, my own music-making efforts are focused in the studio rather than in live performance. While I’ve been involved in recording technology for more years than I care (am able?) to remember, I’m constantly reminded that, however much I learn, there is always more stuff to discover and skills that can be improved; unfortunately for me, I’m a long way from knowing it all when it comes to the recording, mixing and mastering process. So how do you teach … [Read more...]

iOS virtual instrument roundup – sample-based virtual instruments for iOS – v.2

If you have subscribed to the Music App Blog email newsletter then you will have obtained a copy of our free guide titled ’25 iOS music apps to get you started’. This guide is probably due (yet another) update but, as keen eyed readers will have noted (err….  or anyone who can actually count) there are actually rather more than 25 apps listed in the guide. The reason for this is (a) quite simple and (b) rather wonderful. It’s simple because the iTunes App Store has a massive selection of iOS … [Read more...]

iOS guitar amp sim roundup – virtual guitar rigs for the iOS owning guitar player

Regular readers of the Music App Blog will know that the only instrument I claim any degree of proficiency upon is the guitar. That means, of course, that when it comes to recording my own music, a lot of it involves guitars and, in particular, electric guitars. I’ve had a recording tech habit for more years that I care to recall…. and while I’ve been lucky enough to have a recording space for my own use for many of those years, it has very much been a home/project studio environment (up … [Read more...]

iOS synth apps roundup – brilliant virtual synths for equally brilliant prices – v.2

I've done a few 'best in category' iOS music app roundups here on the Music App Blog at various stages and, while there are a number of obvious categories I've not got around to covering yet (I'll get there eventually), I'm also conscious that several of those I have done are in need of a bit of updating. So, without further ado, it's time to get started and first on the list (for some fairly obvious reasons of popularity) is my v.2.0 roundup of the iOS synth apps. In the wonderful world of … [Read more...]

iOS music in 2016 – the Music App Blog wishlist

With change being the only constant when it comes to iOS music technology, 2015 has been a pretty jam-packed year for those who use their iPhones or iPads as part of their music-making toolkit. As I posted a few days ago, we have seen some great new iOS music apps released over the last 12 months. In addition, with iOS9 being introduced, we have also seen the first tentative steps with Audio Units (AU) technology and, as the year drew to a close, the arrival of a potentially very useful new app … [Read more...]

Top 10 iOS music apps of 2015 – the Music App Blog selection

2015 has certainly been another eventful year of iOS music making. As ever, we have had to deal with the annual cycle of both hardware and software updates from Apple. Fortunately, the introduction of iOS9 proved to be somewhat less traumatic that the arrival of iOS8 twelve months previously. We have also seen the introduction of new iOS hardware with the obvious highlights being the first sight of 3D Touch on the new iPhones and the larger format iPad Pro. There are a few things that also … [Read more...]

MIDI 101 – Part 4 – MIDI editing under iOS

Having provided a bit of a taster for the different types of MIDI sequencing tools available under iOS in the previous part of this occasional MIDI 101 series, in this instalment, I thought I might take a closer look at the sorts of things MIDI sequencing allows you to do. This will include some of the basics of general MIDI note editing – and the pros and cons of that under iOS – but also some of the other editing tools (corrective and creative) that a good MIDI sequencer can provide. While … [Read more...]

Cubasis workshop – importing Cubasis projects into Cubase using the Cubasis Project Extension

I posted a Cubasis workshop article a week or so ago in response to a question from a reader and looking at how you can import MIDI-based work done in the desktop version of Cubase into Cubasis so you can work on a project further while on the road. A few regular readers got in touch to say that they would love to see more of these kinds of posts and, in particular, a couple of folks asked for a similar workshop looking at the process for exporting a Cubasis project and importing it into … [Read more...]