Cactus Chorus update – AUv.3 supported added to another Flora Project app

Download from iTunes App StoreI know, very slow of me, but the last (I think that’s now them all?) of the ‘flora’ series of iOS effects apps from the development team of Timothy Barraclough and Paul Mathews – Cactus Chorus – was updated a week or so ago, taking the app to v.2.0.

As with the other apps in the flora series, this 2.0 update brings support for Audio Units (AUv.3), preset saving within a suitable AU host, performance enhancements and improved stability. The new versions seems quite happy hosted within AUM and, of course, AU means multiple instances of an app when you need it; very cool.

Cactus Chorus as an AUv.3 plugin and hosted multiple times within AUM

All of these apps are now working well via AU and they make for a great ‘bread and butter’ collection of iOS audio effects. Which makes it so much the better that Timothy and Paul have now also created a ‘bundle’ offer for the complete series. All six apps with set you back just UK£9.99/US$9.99…. although, at UK£1.99/US$1.99, even individually at full price, they are still amazing value for money. Hit the download button below to find out more about Cactus Chorus via the App Store….  and then follow your nose to find the ‘bundle’ offer as well…..  :-)

Cactus Chorus

Download from iTunes App Store

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