Buttercup Bitcrush update – second of the ‘flora’ iOS audio effect apps gets AU support

Download from iTunes App StoreAs I posted earlier this week, Saffron Saturator – the compact overdrive effects app withinTimothy Barraclough and Paul Mathews’s ‘flora’ series of iOS music apps – got an overhaul with a significant update bring Audio Unit (AU) support. This whole series of apps are absolutely ideal for the AU format; each does a single, simple, job, they come with a compact set of controls and, even by iOS standards, they are available at a bargain price.

The second of the series has now had the same treatment; Buttercup Bitcrush is now also at v.2.0 (actually, it’s 2.0.1; v.2.0 was released a couple of days ago but an AU loading gremlin had sqeeked through. That’s now been corrected) and is also includes AU support. As it’s name suggests, Buttercup Bitcrush is a bit crusher, sample rate reducer and noise generator. And as with the all the apps in the series, what you get is a no nonsense user interface and a minimum of fuss.

Buttercup Bitcrush – now available as an AU plugin :-)

Having given the new arrival a workout both via AU (using Cubasis and AUM as my AU hosts), the performance seemed pretty solid. The range of sounds go from very mild distortion through to fully crushed so, it you like to add the occasional bit of anti-audiophile to some elements in your music production, this is a very easy – and very cost-effective – means by which to do it.

Buttercup Bitcrush also comes with a revised logo and it looks like the whole series is now appearing under the ‘Flora Creative Ltd’ development team banner. Other developments include performance improvements, preset saving/recall within AU, smaller size (the app is just an 8MB download) and improved stability. Yes, you now require iOS9.0 or later to run it, but I think that’s understandable given the move to AU. Here’s hoping the other apps in the series get the same treatment soon.

Anyway, at UK£1.99/US$1.99, like Saffron Saturator, Buttercup Bitcrush is not going to stretch your budget too far so don’t overthink it :-). If you like a bit of grit in your audio, Buttercup Bitcrush is well worth a punt.

Buttercup Bitcrush

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