Buttercup Bitcrush review – Timothy Barraclough adds a new app to his streamlined audio effects series

Download from iTunes App Storebuttercup bitcrush logoI reviewed two new iOS audio effects apps from developer Timothy Barraclough a week or so ago on the blog. Cactus Chorus and Phlox Phaser are – surprise, surprise – chorus and phaser effects respectively and both apps are universal and require iOS7.0 or later. Both are also supplied with Audiobus and IAA support… and, for the budget conscious, both are currently priced at UK£0.79….  that’s probably less than the price of your favourite chocolate snack bar.

Buttercup Bitcrush - crush your audio the 'flora' fashion :-)

Buttercup Bitcrush – crush your audio the ‘flora’ fashion :-)

Tim is obviously not a chap to hang about, however, as a third instalment in the ‘flora’ theme arrived on the App Store a couple of days ago. As it’s name suggests, Buttercup Bitcrush is a bit crusher, sample rate reducer and noise generator. And as with the two previous apps, what you get is a no nonsense user interface and a minimum of fuss.

Having given the new arrival a workout both via Audiobus and IAA (using Cubasis as my IAA host), the performance seemed pretty solid. The range of sounds go from very mild distortion through to fully crushed so, it you like to add the occasional bit of anti-audiophile to some elements in your music production, this is a very easy – and very cost-effective – means by which to do it.

Buttercup Bitcrush includes both Audiobus and IAA support.

Buttercup Bitcrush includes both Audiobus and IAA support.

As with the other apps in the series, an IAA ‘quick switch’ button might be nice to see and it would be great if all the apps perhaps had a preset system…  but these are very minor quibbles given that the price is so low and that the processing does such a good job at its intended function.

Anyway, at UK£0.79, like Cactus Chorus or Phlox Phaser, Buttercup Bitcrush is not going to stretch your budget too far so don’t overthink it :-). If you like a bit of grit in your audio, Buttercup Bitcrush is well worth a punt.

Buttercup Bitcrush

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