Brazilian Drum Machine updated – Luis Martinez tweaks his Latin American iOS drum app

Download from iTunes App StoreBrazilian Drum Machine logoI’ve covered a whole bunch of different drum, percussion and groove-based apps here on the Music App Blog over the last couple of years or so. However, if you are after a straightforward take on drums where the results are pretty much instant and song construction requires no pattern programming, then you would be hard pressed to find something better than the various genre-themed drum apps from Luis Martinez.

One of these is the excellent Brazilian Drum Machine. This is a universal app and priced at UK£14.99/US$14.99. It’s a 140MB download and requires iOS8 and has both Audiobus and IAA support. In essence, what you are getting here is a sample-based drum machine with a grid-based sequencing environment. The samples are all based on classic Brazilian drum and percussion sounds and the six lanes will play different instruments based upon the specific sound set selected.

Brazilian Drum Machine - just as brilliant as all the other drum apps in the Luis martinez catalogue :-)

Brazilian Drum Machine – just as brilliant as all the other drum apps in the Luis martinez catalogue :-)

A collection of preset patterns (grooves) are provided organised into banks based around Samba, Bossa Nova, Marcha, Bateria and a few others, and a user bank (where you can put your own grooves). The Edit page (selectable via the tabs located bottom-left of the main display) allows you to pick a groove bank, then a particular groove (rhythm) from within that bank and finally a set of sounds from the very impressive set of ‘kit’ presets. This is all done via three ‘spin’ selection menus.

However, as with all of Luis’ drum apps, the really clever stuff is (a) just how easy it is to build a song structure and (b) the various options for adding some subtle randomisation into the patterns to give the end result a more human feel. If you don’t have drum programming skills (and I don’t; I’m a very incompetent drummer), then these apps really do help with that heavy lifting.

Yay! Ableton Link support is now included in the app.

Ableton Link support is included in the app.

In October, v.3.0 of the app added a number of further new features to this already impressive app including the Live Pads and Ableton Link support that Luis is rolling out into all his drum apps. A further update – v.3.1 – appeared on the App Store over the week-end. This includes a number of minor tweaks and improvements under the hood (for example, within the Jam section) and the usual round of fixes have been applied (for example, within the project saving feature). Maintenance it might be, but that’s always welcome in a well-used app….

The Live Pads features has now also been added to Brazilian Drum Machine.

The Live Pads features are included within Brazilian Drum Machine.

Even used just a a jam-along tool, Brazilian Drum Machine is good fun but, for creating a groovetastic Brazilian rhythm while putting together a song idea demo, it is just a joy to use. And while I can’t claim to be an expert in Brazilian/Latin American music styles, to my ears at least, the rhythms and sounds seem to capture the style very well indeed… and the quality of the samples would certainly be good enough for many applications (including commercial ones). This is good stuff… No, Brazilian Drum Machine doesn’t have the same finesse or feature set of a top-of-the-line desktop virtual drum/percussion instrument, but it is most certainly excellent value for money.

Fingers crossed Luis Martinez can keep the development work going on all of these ‘Drum Machine’ apps. The concept is brilliant and, for some instant drum/groove inspiration, whether that’s rock, funk, Brazilian or a ‘softer’ approach, these apps are pretty hard to beat. Highly recommended…

Brazilian Drum Machine

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