Bram Bos updates – Troublemaker, Ripplemaker and Phasemaker all updated

Download from iTunes App StoreI reviewed all of Bram Bos’ various iOS music apps here on the blog including Troublemaker, Ripplemaker and Phasemaker. They are all very good indeed, but the first two on this list are something special. I suspect both will make my ‘top 10 of 2017’ list when the time rolls around.

Anyway, all three apps received similar updates on the App Store late yesterday. As well as ‘minor housekeeping’, the key change listed is ‘optimisations for use with BeatMaker 3’. I suspect this is mostly involved with the use of the apps as AU plugins within the recently released Beatmaker 3 DAW/sequencer and probably reflects some specific details in how Intua have implemented the AU hosting in this fist release of v.3.

Troublemaker has had some minor tweaks for use within Intua’s BeatMaker 3.

I’m still finding my way around BeatMaker 3 at present but I did manage to give all three apps a bit of a run through hosted as AU plugins within BeatMaker 3. I didn’t experience any specific problems but then I also didn’t push things particularly hard. I’ll save that for when (a) I know what I’m doing with BM3 (!?) and (b) I do the full BM3 review. Even so, it’s good to see developers making adjustments to their AU apps in order to support the new AU host.

Ripplemaker also seemed to be working well within BeatMaker 3.

While I’m sure Bram has plenty of further ideas in mind for future updates, I think Troublemaker and Ripplemaker are already absolutely fabulous. I love the design ethos and the AU support seems to work really well. The sequencer option in the stand-alone versions of both apps is also a bit of ‘keep it simple’ genius. Oh, and, most importantly, all three apps  sound great; if you are looking for synth-based fun in an friendly format, then these apps will be right up your street.

Check out the full reviews via the links above, the demo videos below…  and then hit the App Store download buttons to find out more.


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Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store

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