Boom 808! update – Pulse Code Inc. add MIDI Clock sync to their 808 inspired drum machine app

Download from iTunes App Storeboom 808 logoI reviewed Pulse Code Inc’s rather neat little virtual drum machine apps – Boom 909! and Boom 808! – on the blog a week or so ago. While these are far from the only ‘app tributes’ to two of Roland’s classic rhythm boxes, both apps offer a decent crack at recreating the originals in a software format and the interfaces are streamlined, fairly faithful to the hardware but also add an easy-to-use pattern sequencing system.

As I commented in my original review, the Boom 909! included MIDI Clock synth while the Boom 808! did not. While I did have some issues with locking Boom 909! to Cubasis, I’d rather have the feature than not….  so it was nice to see an update to Boom 808! arrive on the iTunes App Store today and with the highlight new feature being the inclusion of MIDI Clock sync.

Boom 808! - now with added MIDI Clock sync :-)

Boom 808! – now with added MIDI Clock sync :-)

I’ve only had the briefest of plays with the new version but, so far at least, the MIDI Cock sync seems to perform pretty well when driven by Cubasis as the clock master. The app happily responded to start/stop commands from the Cubasis transport panel. As before, it was also happy to receive MIDI note data from Cubasis to trigger the drum sounds. Aside from a few bug fixes, Pulse Code Inc have also added Audiobus play/stop capability in this v.1.2 release.

If you want the classic sound of the Roland TR 808 but without having to resort to crime to afford the (admittedly very cool) secondhand hardware, then a software emulation can give you most of the sound/features without the financial hit (OK, and without the street cred.). Boom 808! does a very decent job and, with MIDI Clock sync now included, it can work well in a wider music workflow. At UK£1.49, it’s a pretty small price to pay for an emulated dose of classic drum machine history.

Boom 808!

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    1. I also use QGaze Beat. Handy and simple indeed. Drum Machine as it should be.

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