Blocs Wave and Launchpad updated – Novation add excellent ‘Blocs to Launchpad’ export function

Download from iTunes App StoreBlocs wave logo 1Since launched, Novation’s Blocs Wave has moved forward at quite a pace. The app itself, like Novation’s Launchpad, is also a loop and sample-based music creation tool…   but with some feature differences that make it distinct from the LaunchPad approach.

Anyway, Novation have rapidly developed the Blocs Wave concept further and a number of updates have already appeared for the app adding new import features, Ableton Link support, new export features, the very creative Slice Mode, a song construction system based upon the new ‘Sections‘ concept, improved import/export options, added panning and iOS10 support, support of Ableton Live Sets export and, most recently, adding support for Launchpad soundpack sharing……  the rate of progress has been considerable and Novation are rapidly turning a great start into a very accomplished creative tool.

Blocs Wave – impressive feature list and a hugely creative tool for working with loops.

Blocs Wave was a a very obvious selection for my personal ‘top 10 iOS music apps of 2016’ list when I put it together a a couple of months ago and also made my revised ‘core apps’ selection recently. It’s an app that I now use as a regular part of my iOs music creation process.

Anyway, a further update has arrived on the App Store today and it arrived alongside an update to Novations other loop-based music production app; Launchpad. The two updates are linked….   Blocs Wave now has an ‘Export to Launchpad’ option. This allows you fully export a Blocs wave project directly into Launchpad. Your various Blocs waves loops are then opened directly into a Launchpad project and laid out across the Launchpad pads with each Blocs Wave ‘section’ being placed upon a separate row of Launchpad pads.

Blocs Wave now includes an export feature to Launchpad.

What’s more, if you want to fine-tune things further, you can go back to Blocs wave, tweak your project, and then update the Launchpad project via exporting again. The imported Blocs wave project will also appear within your Launchpad projects list.

Your Blocs Wave project is automatically opened as anew Launchpad project….

Once in launchpad, you can, of course, make full use of all the launchpad features. This includes any of the Launchpad effects you happen to have installed 9some of these are available via additional IAPs). Having given the export/import process a quick run through this evening, it really does seem to be very smooth….  This is going to make a lot of exiting Blocs Wave users very happy…  and may encourage Launchpad users who don’t already own Blocs Wave to take a look….

Once imported into Launchpad, you can apply all the usual Launchpad tools to your Blocs Wave project content….

If you have not taken the plunge with Blocs Wave as yet, then now might be just the time to give your self a treat; Blocs Wave is available at a discounted price, and you can grab a copy of one of the most fun ways to work with loops available for iOS for just UK£2.99/US$2.99. I’m not sure if this is permanent price drop (it was UK£4.99/US$4.99 for some time) but this is now an even better deal than it was :-) Launchpad continues to be free to download.

The imported project then also becomes available in the Launchpad project list.

I must say that I really like Blocs Wave and the speed with which it is developing. Novation really do know what they are about when it comes to loop-based musical tools and, while this is not a ‘do everything’ kind of tool, like some of the very best iOS music apps, the focused feature set is a strength here rather than a weakness; it makes for a fast and efficient – and creative – workflow. Anyway, check out the original full review of Blocs Wave and the video link (it takes you to the Novation/Blocs Wave Facebook page) below for more details on the new export feature.

Blocs Wave

Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store

See the Novation video on the new export feature on Facebook….


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    1. Blocs Wave started a revolution in my music making process. The product just gets stronger and stronger. Very much helped by having a development team which has its own ideas, but also keeps an ear cocked to what customers are requesting.

    2. I’m agree with zen. I’m enjoying musicmaking like 10-15 years ago and even more!

    3. eustressor says:

      Thanks for the heads up, John!

      Our ever-affable Mr. Woods also did a great demo of this in action. Must say, very impressive round-trip functionality that adds value to both apps. Cheers!

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