Blocs Wave updated – Novation take their loop-based music app to the ‘max’

Download from iTunes App StoreBlocs wave logo 1Since launched, Novation’s Blocs Wave has moved forward at quite a pace. The app itself, like Novation’s Launchpad, is also a loop and sample-based music creation tool…   but with some feature differences that make it distinct from the LaunchPad approach.

Anyway, Novation have rapidly developed the Blocs Wave concept further and a number of updates have already appeared for the app adding new import features, Ableton Link support, new export features, the very creative Slice Mode, a song construction system based upon the new ‘Sections‘ concept, improved import/export options, added panning and iOS10 support, support of Ableton Live Sets export and, most recently, adding support for Launchpad soundpack sharing……  the rate of progress has been considerable and Novation are rapidly turning a great start into a very accomplished creative tool. Blocs Wave was a a very obvious selection for my personal ‘top 10 iOS music apps of 2016’ list when I put it together a few weeks ago.

Blocs Wave - if you like working with loops, this is a great choice with a slick interface and a rapidly expanding feature set :-)

Blocs Wave – if you like working with loops, this is a great choice with a slick interface and a rapidly expanding feature set :-)

Anyway, a further update has arrived on the App Store today. The new version – v.10.2 – brings a few bugfixes and under-the-hood improvements but the highlight new feature is the addition of a Maximiser function. This is an on/off affair (you can find it in the Settings menu) and it does seem to pump up the volume of the app so I can only assume it applies some sort of volume normalisation and perhaps a touch of compression/limiting to ensure there is no clipping. Anyway, another nice little touch and, again, the update is a free one….

Blocs wave now includes a Maximiser function….

If you have not taken the plunge with Blocs Wave as yet, then now might be just the time to give your self a treat; Blocs Wave is available at a discounted price, and you can grab a copy of one of the most fun ways to work with loops available for iOS for just UK£2.99/US$3.99. I’m not sure if this is permanent price drop (it was UK£4.99/US$6.99 for some time) but this is now an even better deal than it was :-)

I must say that I really like Blocs Wave and the speed with which it is developing. Novation really do know what they are about when it comes to loop-based musical tools and, while this is not a ‘do everything’ kind of tool, like some of the very best iOS music apps, the focused feature set is a strength here rather than a weakness; it makes for a fast and efficient – and creative – workflow. Anyway, check out the original full review of Blocs Wave and the videos embedded below for more details.

Blocs Wave

Download from iTunes App Store

Blocs for iOS | Launchpad Soundpack Sharing (feat. ODESZA – Say My Name) from Blocs on Vimeo.

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    1. Nathan Brazil says:

      Blocs Wave is such a great app. It’s revolutionized the way I work. And it keeps improving, fast. Better back up utility would be nice, and I feel sure that the developers are aware of this, and busy as bees working on the next additions.

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