Cyber Monday sales – bargain prices continue into the new week

PrintWell, Black Friday has come and gone….  but, if you still have a little bit of flexibility in your flexible friend (or some change left over from your Saturday night out) then Cyber Monday is still with us. Most of the fabulous iOS music app sales that have been running over the last few days still hold good….

The sale pricing will disappear at different time points for each app over the next few days depending upon the approach adopted by the different developers involved. Anyway, I’ve left all intact here…  so hit the download buttons to check whether your possible choices are still  being offered at their lower price point….

Enjoy – and if you spot something that you think I’ve missed (and there might still be a few) then feel free to let me know :-)

cubasis logo 3Cubasis 2 – review – currently UK£18.99/US$24.99

Download from iTunes App Store

Auria Pro – review – currently UK£18.99/US$24.99

DM2 – review – currently UK£1.49/US$1.99

TC-11 logo 2TC-11 – update – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

Gadget logo adGadget – review – currently UK£14.99/US$19.99

iDS-10 logo 1iDS-10 – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

Korg Module logoKorg Module – review – currently UK£14.99/US$19.99

ARP ODYSSEi – review – currently UK£14.99/US$19.99

iM1 logoKorg iM1 – review – currently UK£10.99

iMS-20 logoiMS-20 – review – currently UK£10.99/US$14.99

ipolysix logoiPolysix – review – currently UK£10.99/US$14.99

iElectribe logoiElectribe – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

ikaossilator logoiKaossilator – review in a roundup – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

turnado logoTurnado – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

cyclop logoCyclop – review – currently UK£10.99/US$14.99

Egoist logoEgoist – review – currently UK£10.99/US$14.99

Download from iTunes App Store

thesys logoThesys – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

WOW logoWOW Filterbox – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

effectrix logoEffectrix – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

Audulus 3 – review – currently UK£10.99/US$14.99

Phasemaker – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

Sunrizer – update – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

AUM – review – currently UK£12.99/US$16.99

Sector – review – currently UK£4.99/US$6.99

AUFX Space logoAUFX:Space – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

aufxdub logoAUFX:Dub – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

aufxpeakq logoAUFX:PeakQ – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

AUFX Push logoAUFX:Push – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

 drumkick logo 2DrumKick – review – currently UK£1.49/US$1.99

 drumkick logo 2DrumKick for iPhone – review – currently UK£0.79/US$0.99

Heavy Brass logo 1 copyHeavy Brass – review – currently UK£10.49/US$13.99

oriental strings logoOriental Strings – review – currently UK£4.99/US$5.99

iSymphonic Orchestra logoiSymphonic Orchestra – review – currently UK£13.49/US$17.99

icathedral organ logoiCathedral Organ – updated – currently UK£10.49/US$13.99

SilQ logo 1SilQ – review – currently UK£0.79/US$0.99

Elastic Drums logo 2Elastic Drums – review – currently UK£5.99/US$7.99

fluXpad – review – currently UK£5.99/US$7.99

WretchUp logoWretchUp – review – currently UK£0.79/US$0.99

Blocs wave – review – currently UK2.29/US$2.99

AltiSpace logoAltiSpace – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

masterrecord logoMaster Record – review – currently UK£2.29/US$2.99

audio mastering logoAudio Mastering – review – currently UK£4.99/US$6.99

Master FX logoMaster FX – review – currently UK£4.49/US$5.99

FieldScaper – update – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

SoundScaper – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

SeekBeats – review – currently UK£4.99/US$6.99

Enkl monophonic synth – review – currently UK1.49/US$1.99

Jussi Vocal Synthesiser – review – currently UK2.29/US$2.99

Korpressor – review – currently UK2.29/US$2.99

SampleTank logoSampleTank – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

mic room logoMic Room – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

Amplitube logoAmpliTube for iPad – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

Amplitube logoAmpliTube for iPhone – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

ilectric logoiLectric – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

igrand-logoiGrand – review in roundup – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

vocalive logoVocaLive for iPad – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

zMors Modular logozMors Modular – review – currently UK3.99/US$4.99

zmors logozMors Synth – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

zMors EQ – review – currently UK2.29/US$2.99

Jam Maestro – review – currently UK£4.49/US$5.99

quantiloop-logo-1Quantiloop – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

Fugue Machine logo 1Fugue Machine – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

arpeggionome pro logoArpeggionome Pro – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

navichord logoNavichord – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

animoog logoAnimoog for iPad – update – currently UK£10.99/US$14.99

Model 15 – review – currently UK£10.99/US$14.99

Mobile Convolution Reverb logo 1Mobile Convolution Reverb – review – currently UK£1.49/US$1.99

MIDI Designer Pro 2 – review – currently UK£9.99/US$12.99

Loopy HD logoLoopy HD – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

isem logoiSEM – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

iMini logoiMini – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

iProphet logoiProphet – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

ispark logo 1iSpark – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

SessionBand Drums logoSessionBand Drums v.1 – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

sessionband edm logo 1SessionBand EDM v.1 – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

sessionband acoustic logo 1SessionBand Acoustic v.1 – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

sessionband piano logo 1SessionBand Piano v.1 – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

SessionBand Blues logoSessionBand Blues v.1- review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

sessionband rock logo 1SessionBand Rock v.1 – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

sessionband jazz 1 logo 1SessionBand Jazz v.1 – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

sessionband jazz 2 logo 1SessionBand Jazz v.2 – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

sessionband country logo 1SessionBand Country v.1 – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

guitarcapo logoGuitarCapo+ – review – currently UK£1.49

ipulsaret logo 2iPulsaret – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

iDensity logo 2iDensity – update – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

stria-logo-2Stria – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

iVCS3 logoiVCS3 – details – currently UK£5.99/US$7.99

apedelay-logo-2apeDelay – review – currently UK£2.29/US$2.99

Sparkle logoSparkle – review – currently UK£2.99/US$3.99

apefilter logo 3 copyapeFilter – review – currently UK£2.29/US$2.99

Moebius Lab – review – currently UK£4.99/US$6.99

tera synth logoTera Synth – review – currently UK£8.99/US$11.99

Poseidon logo 1Poseidon Synth – review – currently UK£8.99/US$11.99

tap delay logo 1Tap Delay – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

microtera logomicroTERA – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

Emo Chorus logo 1Emo Chorus – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

cube synth logoCube Synth – review – currently UK£5.99/US$7.99

harmony voice 2 logoHarmony Voice – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

Addictive Synth logoAddictive Synth – review – currently UK£4.99/US$5.99

addictive-pro-logo-1Addictive Pro – review – currently UK£8.99/US$11.99

audioreverb logoAudioReverb – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

Beatmaker 2 logoBeatMaker 2 – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

bias logoBIAS Amp – review – currently UK£3.99/US$4.99

bias fx logo 2BIAS FX – review – currently UK£7.99/US$9.99

Aftertouch – currently UK£1.49/US$1.99

glitchbreaks logoGlitchbreaks – review – currently UK£2.29/US£2.99

Sliver logoSliver – review – currently UK£2.29/US£2.99

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    1. Rodrigo Fróes says:

      Cubasis 2 was 50% off its usual price when I checked the App Store two hours ago!

    2. An ever expanding list, tough to keep up with. Here’s a few more:
      DM2 is now at $1.99 from $4.99; Xynthesizr at $3.99, down from $6.99, and reduced to $5.99 from $9.99.

    3. ConfusedKitten says:

      Mmmm… MicroTERA is on the there which I’ve always had in the back of my mind as something I want as I don’t have any ‘Waveshaping’ synthesis on my iPad (the only type missing) but unfortunately it hasn’t been updated in 2 years (which is a very long time) and it was always a throw up as to whether I’d purchase MicroTERA or Cakewalk’s ‘Z3TA’ (which also sadly hadn’t been updated for a similar time span). As such I left them both alone as they seem somewhat abandoned; but when I saw MicroTERA on sale I glanced at Z3TA again out of curiosity and it appears to have been removed from the UK App Store! Perhaps Cakewalk finally gave up with iOS? Well if VirSyn ever get round to updating MicroTERA I’d be interested as Waveshaping seems to be somewhat scare and niche on iOS (pretty please) as for Z3TA it’s a real shame as it looked amazing but clearly Cakewalk have their focus on Sonar etc!

      • Hi CK, I just noticed you can still get Z3TA on the UK App Store by clicking on a link in the best synths section on this blog. If you’re interested.

    4. Hi John. Quantiloop is now 4.99 from 9.99.
      Cheers. Stephan

    5. ConfusedKitten says:

      Moog ‘Model 15’ is on sale in the U.K. for £10.99 my head nearly exploded! I didn’t expect them to have a sale on it being pretty new but wow that was a pleasant surprise – there’s going to be a lot of happy bunnies out there! :)

    6. Ervins Strauhmanis says:

      Hi John! Here’s one more addition to the list: zMors EQ. Currently priced at $2.99, down from $4.99.

    7. Nathan Brazil says:

      Good to see that many developers are offering apps for sale. Especially some of the big boys, whose apps are usually in the higher price bracket. It will encourage more people to take a chance. What a pity that some of the apps that I’d bet are on long term wish lists never seem to go on sale, such as AniMoog and its IAPs.

      • Animoog is on sale now. Not the IAP’s though.

        • Yes, I just dropped by to correct my earlier post. Also, the IAP’s on the UK App Store look to be discounted.

          • ConfusedKitten says:

            Hi Nathan, I wasn’t sure if you were referring to the list of IAP’s on iTunes (haven’t checked) but the IAP’s are working fine from the store within Animoog – just one left to buy! It’s unlikely that the IAP’s will ever be on sale (and I agree they’re pretty steep if you’re buying them twice for iPhone/iPad – around £80 (ouch) but there’s nothing like it anywhere else (from what I understand) and I can’t recommend it enough (if you like weird and bizarre sounds)! :)

            • Hi ConfuedKitten. I may be mistaken, but the AniMoog IAP’s in the U.K. App Store seem keenly priced to me. So, I bought the Acoustic and Grateful Dead packs. I’ve wanted to try AniMoog for a long time, but the full price had put me off.

            • ConfusedKitten says:

              Hi Nathan, pricing in the U.K. is all over the place at the moment (post Brexit) so I basically just can’t keep track of it! I agree completely the full price (with all IAP’s) is pretty high (for iOS at least) making it the second most expensive iOS music app that I’m aware of (1st is IK multimedia mastering app at £100+). I discovered a way to take the pinch out of buying the IAP’s was to just buy 1 every month, then slowly over time you build up a library of timbres without feeling the shock of how much you’ve spent on them! I already owned it for the iPhone (all IAP’s) so I grabbed it for the iPad last Black Friday and just been expanding the library casually throughout the year! I will say this, the timbre packs offer excellent value for money. It’s best not to think of them as individual sounds as you can create practically an infinite variety of sounds by blending them together and shifting between them (mixing the default timbres with IAP timbres etc)! Animoog really is an astounding instrument capable of so much expression and ‘The Greatful Dead’ and ‘Acoustic’ timbres are excellent! I’m sure you’ll never regret picking up Animoog – it’s definitely one of my must have apps! :)

    8. Thanks all for the heads-up as things become available ‘on sale’… Keep ’em coming as you spot them and I’ll add them here for everyone to see as and when time allows :-) Very best wishes, John

    9. Seekbeats has 40% off Blocs Wave and Launchpad are £2.29 each

    10. Fugue Machine and Arpeggionome Pro are also 50% off!

    11. Egoist now showing as £10.99 until Monday!

    12. Rodrigo Fróes says:

      The Audio Mastering Series (Master Record, Master FX, AltiSpace and Audio Mastering) is now on sale too!

    13. Sunvox is on sale. I mostly use it for playing my own multi-samples, but it has so many features you can do a lot with it.

    14. Roland Sound Canvas for $12.99 until11/30

    15. Kymatica AUFX apps and Sector now on sale too, even if just by a little. The AUFX bundle is $12.99.

    16. Reactable ROTOR went to $6.99. Maybe not a sale but a price leveler.

    17. Sunrizer on sale now

    18. Heavy Brass is also on sale!

    19. Crudebytes have got 30% off their iSymphonic range

    20. wait for korg

    21. It looks like the Ampkit+ “Unlock ALL Gear” in-app purchase is now $9.99, down from 39.99!

      Deal of the day!

    22. Korg deals have been released as well…

    23. Hi John,
      Beautful Sale!
      Lack only Waldorf Nave.

    24. Papadington says:

      Hi guys, is there some sample bank lower price 30% like Synthmaster.
      Do you know other bank for Instrument ? Is there IK synth bank lower price ?
      If you see some, please post the reference.

    25. Papadington says:

      And Korg, I see nothing ? And Palm Synth ?

    26. Shame that I have already bought most of these apps at regular price point.

    27. Papa, you can find all the Korg discounts here:

    28. Papadington says:

      Thank’s Scott

    29. Papadington says:

      Hi, do you know is there some application for IPad like Ableton can make Ssome resample to have sample in the same bpm ?

    30. I just bought the iSymphonic, but didn’t realise you need to buy lots of IAP’s to get a lot of the stuff, so feel a bit burned… What’s the best out of iSymphonic or Sampletank’s Miroslav? The reviews here both say they’re the best orchestra sounds on iOS…

    31. Papadington says:

      It’s good question and I have the same dilemma ? Which have more instruments perhaps Isymphony or sample tank ?

    32. Papadington says:

      In Isymphony, many added sound must we paid for having they’re so for me, in sample tank, all are include with sound like classical paecussion for me are also interesting

    33. Mark Jeschke says:

      John, would you please add DrumKick and DrumKick for iPhone to the list? It’s late to the Black Friday sale, but it will be good through Cyber Monday. Thanks a bunch. Excellent list of apps on sale! Thanks for posting!

    34. Papadington says:

      And don’t forget if some people see some lower price on sample and sound, synth inside pack, like Synthmaster or other. Thank,s

    35. I just bought PPG Phonem, which isn’t on sale, but I found it because I was looking for a voice synth on sale. There’s no review for it here: have people heard of it? My first impressions looking at presets only is it’s brilliant.

    36. Papadington says:

      I think it’s good synth it is other synth from the same firm are good one for me. I’m interesting ffor Wave Mapper, do you know this synth from the same firm ?

      • Looks great, but it’s not on sale :( at least that means I have more time to decide:D

      • You can get a free version of the Wave Generator which just lets you use the presets. They’re amazing. I think it’s a good place to start off with.

    37. Auria and Auria Pro are now on sale : )

    38. Papadington says:

      Thank’s James, good new

    39. ConfusedKitten says:

      It’s a real shame about Z3TA+ disappearing from the App Store as I’ve been interested in getting it for a while – but Tim over at Discchord has been in touch with Cakewalk to enquire what’s happening with it, so hopefully they’ll have something positive to report! :(

    40. Hi John,

      I was really disappointed on Black Friday when I went to purchase the 2.0 to 3.0 Motherload upgrade, only to discover they had ended the introductory pricing and it had now jumped from $14 and change to nearly $30.00!

      I waited for Cyber Monday, hoping they would reduce it then, but they haven’t.

      I was so upset, I took my ToneStack money over to the non-Grinch folks at Bias and plunked-down the $30 for the ON SALE BIAS FX, and a couple cool IAPs!!!

      It sounds so good, I’ll never buy a piece of ToneStack kit again!

      Merry Christmas to you, Yonac!!!

      • Nathan Brazil says:

        So hang on a minute. You knew about the original excellent motherload upgrade offer, and didn’t take it. But you blame Yonac because the app wasn’t in Black Friday sales. Surely, it;s your own fault for not grabbing the great offer when it was available. BIAS FX has its moments, and I have that too, but I’d take ToneStack over it any time.

        • Well Nathan, YOU may be able to afford to plunk-down whatever an app maker asks as soon as a new product comes out, but I (and millions of other iOS fans around the world) cannot.

          We have to plan for such small extravagances, and therefore we have to determine if the new product is worth the price before we shell-out our hard-earned pay.

          After reading the numerous user reviews of what ToneStack calls its “Sweetest new gear yet,” the majority of reviewers were far from impressed.

          The amps are unremarkable and mostly indistinguishable from the rest of their muddy underperforming earlier lot.

          Yes there are one or two effects pedals that are great (that has been the app’s saving grace all along) but the rest on the offering is simply a rehash of more of the same.

          Bias has by far the superior amp simulations (and even Ampkit+’s are better than ToneStack). The effects nod goes to Yonac.

          Before purchasing Bias FX, I ran my Bias Amp simulations through Audiobus with ToneStack in the “effects” position.

          My point was simply that with 99% of iOS music app makers (from the TINY Imaginando app maker from Portugal to the world-class KORG) cutting their app prices 30 to well over 50 percent, Yonac could have at least made at least SOME effort to give their users a holiday break on ANY of their many apps.

          For a company so openly proud of being from the massively Christian state of North Carolina, we could have (AND SHOULD HAVE) expected more…

          • ConfusedKitten says:

            There will be New Years sales in a matter of weeks Scott so it’s not worth loosing sleep over! Just grab it then if you’re on a tight budget! Some companies don’t bother with Black Friday but as Xmas/New Years around the corner it doesn’t really matter!

          • Nathan Brazil says:

            No, Scott. I’m as limited as anyone else in how much I can afford. But sometimes when an offer is too good to refuse, like with ToneStack, it just has to be done. For sure, it’s not the developer’s fault if anyone cannot afford that offer at the time. Also, as our friend ConfusedKitten points out, there will be New Year sales.

          • Wow, lame, that’s a pretty low blow to start hitting them with religion. It has nothing to do with that at all. It’s all business. ML 3 was on sale for 2 weeks and it’s just one of those things if you pick it up then or not. There are plenty of app developers that do this and never go back to that original sale price again. Hello Animoog!

            If you really need it, you’ll buy it and it seems you found your fix with Bias. They’re both good although I prefer TS overall.

    41. Shame MODSTEP isn’t on there… simply the best!

      • Modstep is still very buggy with core-midi apps, always has been. It’s focus is external hardware, which if people are going to the bother of lugging about hardware and cables, they will not bother with a simple iOS DAW, they will stick a laptop in the mix.

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