BIAS on sale for NAMM show

Download from iTunes App Storebias logoIf you have been away from the world of iOS music for the last couple of months (or just not paying attention) then please do yourself a favour and give Positive Grid’s BIAS a look. I did a full review on the website a little while ago and this is a top-notch virtual ‘amp design’ app. The quality and range of guitar tones that can be created is hugely impressive and, if you are an iOS-loving guitar player, BIAS is most definitely an app to have in your collection.

To celebrate the NAMM show that starts this Thursday, Positive Grid currently have BIAS on sale at 50% off normal price. JamUp Pro XT is also currently 50% off (so currently both UK£6.99).

bias to auria via IAABIAS really is a classy app and the range and quality of the tones available is very impressive. As well as allowing you to tweak an almost endless range of settings and amp/cabinet components to build your ideal ‘virtual’ amp setup, while BIAS can be used as a standalone source of guitar tone, it also integrates with Positive Grid’s JamUp Pro, allowing you to load your BIAS-built custom amp/cab configurations into JamUp Pro for further options such as adding stomp-box effects, etc. Together, the two are a pretty awesome combination. Oh, and both sound great when processing other sorts of sounds such as synths :-)

I’m not sure how long these prices are going to last but, if you don’t own either of these apps, then now is a good time to hit the ‘download’ buttons below and snap yourself up a bargain. Highly recommended at full price; on sale, both are a real steal.


BIAS guitar amp designer

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for readers in Europe

JamUp Pro XT guitar amp/cab/effects simulator

for readers in North America
for readers in Europe
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    1. NICE. i’ve been putting off getting this. looks like it’s time.

    2. Cheers for the heads up! Already have em, but just for the record +1 for both, very nice they are indeed!

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