BIAS Pedal update – Positive Grid’s ‘design your own distortion pedal’ app gets some tweaks

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I posted a full review of BIAS Pedal back in October. BIAS Pedal is Positive Grid’s iOS music app that allows you to design your own distortion pedal in much the same way that BIAS Amp allows you to design your own guitar amplifier. Yes, for the non-guitar playing iOS musician fraternity, this might all sound a bit nerdy but the idea is not a million miles away from the modular synth apps that allow you to build your own synth designs.

Look familiar Positive Grid fans? The interface of BIAS Pedal follows a similar design to BIAS Amps.

Look familiar Positive Grid fans? The interface of BIAS Pedal follows a similar design to BIAS Amps.

OK, so you might have to have a certain amount of OCD and attention to detail disorder to go along with your guitar playing habit for BIAS Pedal to appeal but, under iOS at least, as BIAS Pedal is a free download to try – with the IAP required to unlock the full feature set (including the ability to save and transfer the models to BIAS FX) costing UK£14.99 – in order to try what’s of offer, initially at least, you don’t have to worry too much if those tendencies just represent a mild interest rather than an obsession. Used on an iPad, this is not software that’s going to break the bank….

Anyway, the app has had its first significant upgrade over the week-end with v.1.0.1 arriving on the App Store. There is the usual crop of bug fixes applied but also some minor tweaks to the UI and a new tutorial page for the new user. However, there are also some performance tweaks with an update to the Audiobus SDK and some updates to the processing algorithms to ensure improved performance….  all welcome.

With BIAS Pedal, Positive Grid might have created something that is a niche app but it is fun to use and capable of some great sounds. If any software is going to give you a warm fuzzy feeling (or a less warm, fizzy, 80’s metal feeling if that’s your thing), BIAS Pedal is it. If you want to take your guitar tone-geekery to the next level then the free download of BIAS Pedal is most certainly worth exploring :-)

BIAS Pedal

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    1. still waiting for apple to get the jamUp app update out! Come on apple!!!!

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