BIAS Pedal update – Positive Grid’s ‘design your own stompbox’ app gets modulated

Download from iTunes App StoreBIAS Pedal logoI posted a full review of BIAS Pedal back in October 2015. BIAS Pedal is Positive Grid’s iOS music app that allows you to design your own distortion pedal in much the same way that BIAS Amp allows you to design your own guitar amplifier. Yes, for the non-guitar playing iOS musician fraternity, this might all sound a bit nerdy but the idea is not a million miles away from the modular synth apps that allow you to build your own synth designs.

OK, so you might have to have a certain amount of OCD and attention to detail disorder to go along with your guitar playing habit for BIAS Pedal to appeal but, under iOS at least, as BIAS Pedal is a free download to try – with IAPs required to unlock each of the various pedal categories full feature sets (including the ability to save and transfer the models to BIAS FX) – in order to try what’s of offer, initially at least, you don’t have to worry too much if those tendencies just represent a mild interest rather than an obsession. Used on an iPad, this is not software that’s going to break the bank….

BIAS Pedal now includes a Modulation IAP…. and you can still test drive all the design elements before committing to a purchase.

Anyway, while initially launched with just distortion/overdrive pedal available, Positive Grid added a Delay pedal design option in December….   and, as of yesterday, a further update – v.2.2.0 – has now added a Modulation peal IAP. Again, you can try all the design features each IAP offers before deciding whether to purchase and ‘unlock’ the save/export features. I have to say that, like the distortion and delay options, the new modulation options sounds great and, as soon as I can spend a bit more time with it, I’ll post a full review….

Want to custom build your own (virtual) modulation pedal? Well now you can….

Of course, BIAS FX has also been updated – and remains an absolute steal at UK£9.99/US$9.99 – to support the new pedal type. And, of course, the company are also creating a bit of a stir with their various hardware products amongst the guitar playing community, including the hardware version of BIAS Distortion.

OK, so with BIAS Pedal, Positive Grid might have created something that is a niche app but it is fun to use and capable of some great sounds. If you want to take your guitar tone-geekery to the next level then the free download of BIAS Pedal is most certainly worth exploring :-)

BIAS Pedal

Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. ConfusedKitten says:

      It feel like Positive Grid are really turning up the involvement with the development of BIAS Pedal now (as it seemed to exist kind of isolated/too niche for some time with only the distortion module available, and I was confused into thinking that was all it was ever supposed to be) which was too niche for even me! However, now that they’re really started to embrace it (and get creative) it’s definitely getting really exciting/interesting! Already now there are some compelling reasons/impetus to invest in BIAS Pedal (with Ditortion, Delay and now Modulation options available) and naturally the sky’s the limit as to what they might add in future (I feel a Wish List coming on)! With owning a maxed out BIAS FX/BIAS Amp I’m really glad they’re pushing this regardless (finally) as there’s literally so many exciting possibilities for using it in conjunction with Guitar (and beyond via BIAS FX’s adapative Stereo signal path)! Some more great news anyway and looking forward to exploring it further myself! Way to go Positive Grid! :)

    2. ConfusedKitten says:

      Apologies for typos everyone; iOS is killing my typing @late (it’s definitely got funkier recently) – it seems to have a mind of its own lol! :0

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