BIAS FX video – impressive demo video for Positive Grid’s guitar rig software

Download from iTunes App Storebias fx logo 2As I posted back in April, Positive Grid created a bit of a splash with their new BIAS FX app when it was first released. The app is undoubtedly a step up in terms of the processing and sound from PG’s JamUp Pro (although that is still very good in its own right) and links brilliantly with BIAS Amps. For iOS guitar tone-heads, the BIAS combination is undoubtedly a very tempting one.

The app was updated to v.1.1.0 in July and this added three new IAP expansion packs and a couple of further updates have tweaked things even further. The desktop version of BIAS FX has also been released and is equally good.

BIAS FX offers flexible signal chains including a dual chain option.

BIAS FX offers flexible signal chains including a dual chain option.

Positive Grid have posted a number of artists-based demos since the original release and, while these are always impressive – both in terms of the musical performances and the guitar tones – the latest video particularly impressed me as it features something a little bit more mellow. Mateus Asato can be seen putting BIAS FX (the desktop version I think but you can get the same tones out of the iOS version) through it’s paces with some very tasteful blues-inspired licks….  and the guitar does sound awesome.

If you are just making your first steps with mobile virtual guitar rigs, BIAS FX – for iOS or for the desktop – is undoubtedly a brilliant piece of software and would be a great place to start….  You can check out the full review here but, at the current price of UK£22.99 for the iPad version, BIAS FX represents very good value for money whether you opt for any of the additional IAP content or not.


BIAS  – Amps! – for iPad


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    1. Shame it’s not working within Audiobus after the IOS 9 update.

      • Hi Dave…. along with a few other apps that have yet to received an ‘iOS9 ready’ update…. but I would be very surprised if Positive Grid don’t have it in hand…. Fingers crossed…. best wishes, John

    2. Wow!

      Thanks for sharing that video with us, John!

      Never heard of him, but he’s a great musician and gives us blues/rock guys yet another reason to move up from Jam Up Pro to Bias FX.

      Those tones were really rich and authentic. I hope Bias comes-up with a “Motherload” type upgrade package soon. I’d be first in-line for that!

    3. Also……….There is a Bias – Distortion just announced. Make your own Distortion pedals. Interesting.

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