BIAS FX updated – Positive Grid fine-tune their flagship virtual guitar rig app – and it’s still ON SALE

Download from iTunes App Storebias fx logo 2While the world of iOS guitar rig sims is perhaps not quite so well populated as that of iOS synths, there are a few real crackers. Positive Grid’s BIAS FX is most certainly one of them. This is also a company that has taken some bold steps in branching out into hardware products and in taking their iOS software into the desktop marketplace…..  That’s not a direction that many iOS developers have had the courage to tread….

BIAS FX - top-notch guitar rig modelling... and now with the option to show a CPU usage indicator.

BIAS FX – top-notch guitar rig modelling… and now with the option to show a CPU usage indicator (shown top centre).

It’s difficult to deny that Positive Grid make some brilliant iOS music apps. BIAS Amp is super-cool for the real guitar tone-heads and Final Touch is a very slick mastering tool for iOS musicians. What is probably their flagship iOS music app – BIAS FX – has been updated today. The app links brilliantly with BIAS Amp that was also updated recently. For iOS guitar tone-heads, the BIAS combination is undoubtedly a very tempting one.

This update is pretty much just about routine maintenance. A couple of effects pedals have had their processing algorithms tweaked for smoother audio performance and the TonCloud interface has been fine-tuned. Routine it may be…  but it is always good to see a favourite app getting regular attention from its developer….

PG are also still in ‘SALE!’ mode so, as I posted a couple of weeks ago, a number of their iOS music apps are currently on sale. As such, if you get in there quick, you can pick BIAS FX up for a very competitive UK£7.99/US$9.99 (and the pricing on Final Touch is just bonkers). If you are just making your first steps with mobile virtual guitar rigs, BIAS FX is undoubtedly a brilliant piece of software and would be a great place to start….  You can check out the full review here but, at the current price, it represents excellent value for money whether you opt for any of the additional IAP content or not.


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