BIAS FX updated – Positive Grid add support for new BIAS Pedal app

Download from iTunes App Storebias fx logo 2As I posted back in April, Positive Grid created a bit of a splash with their new BIAS FX app when it was first released. The app is undoubtedly a step up in terms of the processing and sound from PG’s JamUp Pro (although that is still very good in its own right) and links brilliantly with BIAS Amps. For iOS guitar tone-heads, the BIAS combination is undoubtedly a very tempting one.

The app has had a number of updates since release, adding new features and a number of IAP expansion packs. However, a couple of more recent updates have added support for iOS9 and for the upcoming BT-4 Bluetooth MIDI pedalboard hardware (and which I reviewed on the Music App Blog a few weeks ago).

BIAS FX offers flexible signal chains including a dual chain option.

BIAS FX offers flexible signal chains including a dual chain option.

However, a further BIAS FX update has appeared on the App Store a couple of weeks ago to provide support within BIAS FX for the latest app within the BIAS family – BIAS Pedal – a dedicated distortion/overdrive/fuzz stompbox design app. If you always fancied building a custom distortion stompbox but don’t have the electronics skills to do is safely (!) now’s your chance to do it in software in a safe and friendly fashion. You can read the full BIAS Pedal review here but Positive Grid are obviously fine-tuning the way these various apps work together and a further BIAS FX update has appeared today. The latest release – v.1.3.1 – is simply a minor technical one, but it fines tunes the link with BIAS pedal when importing designs from ‘Pedal’ into ‘FX’.

If you are just making your first steps with mobile virtual guitar rigs, BIAS FX is undoubtedly a brilliant piece of software and would be a great place to start….  You can check out the full review here but, as BIAS FX (along with a number of other Positive Grid apps) is currently available for just UK£14.99, it represents very good value for money whether you opt for any of the additional IAP content or not.


BIAS Pedal

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