BIAS Amp update – tweaks for Positive Grid’s iOS amp designer app – and a bargain price

Download from iTunes App Storebias logoIf you are a guitar playing iOS musician, there are lots of iOS music apps aimed very squarely at you. This includes a number of guitar rig simulation apps and I did a round up article covering the leading contenders in that field some time ago.

One app that sort of fits in that category is BIAS Amp (and the separate BIAS Amp for iPhone version) from Positive Grid. I say ‘sort of’ because these apps are not really about your entire (virtual) guitar rig but just one component of it; the amp itself. BIAS Amps allows you to build your own virtual guitar amp and, if you always fancied taking a screwdriver an soldering iron to your favourite valve amp – but couldn’t afford to blow it (and maybe yourself) up because of your lack of electronics expertise – BIAS Amp is the perfect solution, albeit in software rather than hardware.

Read the full review linked to above….  but BIAS Amp is just plain brilliant…  and, at its ‘normal’ price of just UK£19.99/US$19.99, is great value for money for any real tone-head guitar player….  although I’ll come back to the pricing in a minute….

Of course, the real fun with BIAS Amp is being able to create your own amp models....

Of course, the real fun with BIAS Amp is being able to create your own amp models….

Anyway, BIAS Amp (the iPad version) has been updated over the week-end to v.1.6.6. This is just a ‘maintenance’ update with a few minor bugs – with the store for IAPs, preset management and how the app handles the mic built-in to your iOS hardware – that have been squashed but that will be welcome to regular users anyway.

The other thing to note is the price. The app is good value even at what was its ‘usual ‘ full UK£19.99/US$19.99 price. However, for as long as I can seem to recall, it has been available at a reduced UK£4.99/US$4.99. That is, frankly, an insanely good deal and, while not every one might have the urge to explore the inner working of their guitar amp (even if only a modelled guitar amp), BIAS Amp manages to be interesting, innovative and easy to use. Add in the stellar price – software this good should not be available at such a modest price – and this is quite a combination.

If you like to get a bit geeky about your virtual guitar tone, BIAS Amp is a lot of fun. Used with BIAS FX – you can move amp models created within BIAS Amp into the full virtual guitar rig system provided by BIAS FX – it is a pretty formidable pairing. The virtual amp design offered by BIAS Amp is pretty unique, whether you are on iOS or desktop…  definitely worth a look for all guitar tone-heads :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

BIAS Amp for iPhone

Download from iTunes App Store

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