BeatMirror giveaway – 5 copies of Ten Kettles’ tempo-testing app to be won

Download from iTunes App StoreI reviewed Ten Kettles latest app – BeatMirror – a few days ago here on the Music App Blog. The app falls into the ‘musical eduction’ category and is aimed primarily at drummers. And, as discussed in the review, while the app is extremely simple to use (although there are a bunch of new features on the development list apparently), in this case, ‘simple’ most certainly doesn’t mean the same as ‘not useful’.

BeatMirror’s function is quite straightforward; it gives you feedback on your ability to hold a specific tempo. The app uses your iPhone or iPad microphone to monitor the sound close by and, if that contains a strong rhythmic element (such as from a drum kit!), it will display the tempo (averaged over a short time period to smooth things out a little). You can set a target tempo – and there is a small, flashing, virtual LED that matches that target tempo as a guide –  but, in terms of app settings, that’s pretty much it :-)

Just how good is your….. timing? If you tend to wander, BeatMirror might be just the practice aid you require.

So, if your drumming has a tendency to drift, or you are just looking for a new practice tool to test yourself against, BeatMirror is worth a look….  And, if you are feeling lucky, maybe you can even pick up a copy for free as Alex from Ten Kettles has been find enough to provide me with 5 copies of the app to give away here at the Music App Blog.

As usual with the giveaways I run on the blog, the deal is simple; get your name in the hat and see if it gets pulled out. You can enter the draw in one of two ways.

  • First, if you just want to enter this draw, then use the Contact Us page to leave your details before 10 pm (GMT) on Sunday, June 30th, 2017. Make sure to enter ‘BeatMirror’ inn the message subject line.
  • Alternatively, if you want to get included in this – and every future promo code giveaway run on the site – then sign up for the Music App Blog email list before the deadline. All members of the list will automatically be entered in every draw. You can sign up here and, as a bonus for signing up, you also get a copy of the Music App Blog’s ‘25 iOS music apps to get you started‘ guide. And if you are already signed up for the email newsletter, then consider yourself entered :-)

As soon as I can organise after entries close, I’ll draw a suitable number of names at random from all those entered. I’ll then notify the lucky winners by email and include the necessary promo code. I’ll also post a list of the winners here. If you are one of the lucky ones, do make sure to use the code ASAP – iTunes Redeem Codes generally have a relatively short life span once they have been issued.

You can set the target tempo…. and then test how well you can match it.

BeatMirror is a neat little utility that will, I’m sure, appeal to drummers looking to work on their ‘tempo lock’ skills. It works great for practice and would, I’m sure, also be quite a neat tool to have at your side during a gig (providing your iPhone’s mic doesn’t get overwhelmed by the on-stage sound levels) if you need to keep yourself on (tempo) track.

I can easily imagine Ten Kettles adding a few new features to the app over time (as they have done with hearEQ and Waay). Anyway, a simple app that does it’s one job with a minimum of fuss  – the kind of software the App Store can excels at – and sensibly priced. If your time keeping needs some work, BeatMirror might be just the utility app to help you along the way. Hit the App Store download button to find out more….  Oh, and get your name in the hat :-)


Download from iTunes App Store
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