BeatMaker 3 launched – Intua deliver long-awaited v.3 of their iOS DAW/sequencer – and on SALE

Download from iTunes App StoreIntua’s BeatMaker has been around on the App Store in one form or another for a very long time. BeatMaker 2, despite its name, is a full-fledged music production environment and I reviewed the app a few years ago here on the blog. Intua have obviously been continuing work on the app – and it has a loyal following – but they are not one of the developers that pump out regular updates. However, the app did receive regular attention to support the user base as iOS music tech itself has evolved.

BeatMaker 3 – something old and plenty of things new – Intua’s latest release looks like an impressive DAW/sequencer.

However, things in the world of iOS music making have changed a lot over the last couple of years, especially with the advert of technologies such as Ableton Link and Audio Unit’s plugins…. and our expectations of what’s possible with iOS music apps has continued to grow. Intua have obviously been well aware of that and have given regular hints that BeatMaker 3 was ‘in development’. Those regular hints turned into regular previews and, as they promised just a few weeks ago, BeatMaker 3 finally arrived on the App Store over this last week-end. You can download the new app now…..

The app has a pretty full-on feature set that would fit comfortably with a number of different music making approaches.

I’ve not yet had a chance to explore the full range of the BeatMaker 3 feature set – and this is a pretty deep app – but, along with some familiar features and elements to the UI, there are also many new features and refinements to the work flow. At first glance though, it looks like Intua have done a good job of making v.3 feel familiar to existing users will also tempting both them, and potential new users, in with additional options.

While BeatMaker’s original focus was built around sample-based sounds, that evolved during the app’s continued development to embrace virtual instruments that were synth based. However, perhaps the highlight new technology introduced in v.3 is support for AU plugin hosting. OK, this is perhaps something that almost any new iOS DAW/sequencer should now offer, but initial impressions suggest that Intua have attempted AU support in a pretty full-on fashion for both effects and virtual instruments. The sampling engine also looks very cool and I’m looking forward to digging into this more fully….  while the mixing environment seems very well featured.

Audio Units plugin support is now included within BeatMaker 3.

Over the last couple of years, BeatMaker has perhaps been a little overshadowed by some of the more high-profile competition such as Garageband, Cubasis and Auria Pro, but, on paper at least, v.3 suggests it will be up there with the market leaders. Whether it can knock one of the established heavyweights off the top of the tree…? Well, we will have to wait and see….  but it is great to see Intua taking such a big step forward.

And, as well as a shiny new feature set, for just a few days only, you can pick up the new versions at an introductory price of the just UK£19.99/US$19.99. Be quick though….  the offer only runs until the end of the week. A full review will follows shortly but, until then, quick out the promo video and then hit the App Store download button to find out more :-)

BeatMaker 3

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Just short of £20 is still more than an impulse buy. I see much to admire in BM3, but not enough to take a gamble that I would use it more than I do BeatHawk.

    2. I purchased purely on hype and when i saw video of the brilliant auV3 automation recording. I have no experience of previous BM versions. It’s all new and confusing. The auV3 automation means I can record param changes like i do in gadget.

      Also like that i can load in very long audio track.

      I like the feature set. Like the sample stretching and beat slicing.

      I just have to learn how to use it all.

    3. issieman says:

      A powerful Groovebox that could potentially compete with NI Maschine and other MPC

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