BeatHawk sale – UVI provide a fix for the post-Black Friday sales blues

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If you are suffering from a bit of post-sales blues after the frenzy that was Black Friday/Cyber Monday (although some of these sales are still on if you check), then UVI might have just the tonic for this week-end; BeatHawk is currently on a 50% off sale pricing so you can pick up the app for just UK£3.99.

I posted a full review of UVI’s BeatHawk iOS music app here on the blog when it was first released and I was hugely impressed. There are drum/groove box apps that perhaps pack in more features than BeatHawk does but I actually think UVI have struck a brilliant balanced between functionality and ease-of-use with the approach they have adopted in the initial release.

UVI have also made efforts to keep things going forwards with BeatHawk and the app has had a number of updates since release adding a number of new features including MIDI and IAA improvements.

BeatHawk; well-designed and streamlined workflow for sample-based music production.

BeatHawk; well-designed and streamlined workflow for sample-based music production.

Originally priced at just UK£7.99, BeatHawk quickly became my ‘go to’ pad-based beat/groove construction app simply because it is – once you have spent just a short time with it – so intuitive and streamlined to use. As a stand-alone tool for electronic music production based around the well-established ‘sample pad’ concept, this is a lot of fun but, with the solid IAA implementation, this is easily an app that you can integrate into a wider music production workflow.

You can load your own samples into BeatHawk to use alongside the supplied sample content but UVI also have a huge and impressive collection of additional IAP content available for purchase within the app. There are some great sample packs amongst this lot and a very broad selection of musical styles are covered ranging from funk, disco, hip-hop, etc., through to solo pianos, choirs and grungy blues guitars. And, included in the sale, all of these sample packs are also up to 50% off.

This week-end only.... BeatHawk content at up to 50% off....

On sale!…. BeatHawk content at up to 50% off….

If you already own BeatHawk, this is a great chance to expand your library collection…. and if you have been tempted by the app, now is also a good time to pick it up and grab a few sample bargains while you are at it.

Here’s hoping UVI can keep the updates coming and they can make an already great app even better. However, if you have not yet taken a punt, but want to give the app a try for yourself, then you can grab your own copy for just UK£3.99. Top-notch stuff and highly recommended.


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