BeatHawk goes free – UVI offer their flagship iOS music app free for a limited time only

Download from iTunes App Store I posted a full review of UVI’s BeatHawk iOS music app here on the blog when it was first released and  I was hugely impressed with the app. I was even more impressed when UVI took the app to v.2.0 back in March and added a whole range of new features and refinements. This included iPhone support, a piano roll MIDI editor, Ableton Link and support for the app to work as an AU plugin.

Yes, there are drum/groove box apps that perhaps pack in more features than BeatHawk does but I actually think UVI struck a brilliant balance between functionality and ease-of-use with the approach they adopted in the design of BeatHawk….  and as it allows you to include melodic instruments within your projects, this is, in reality, much more than just a beat/groove box.

BeatHawk – fabulous on first release, it’s even better in v.2.

UVI have occasionally offered BeatHawk at a discounted price from its usual UK£9.99/US$9.99 pricing. At full price, it is a bargain…  on sale, it is an even better deal. However, if you are quick off the mark, then for just a couple of days, you can pick up the app for free.

I’m not quite sure what better deal you could ask for (maybe UVI hope you will like the app so much that you will indulge in some IAP shopping; the app has an impressive array of sample/loop content in different musical genres for those that want to add to their options). Anyway, for more information, check out the full reviews linked above, watch the demo video below and then hit the download button to see more via the App Store….


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. How about a free sound pack of choice, for all of us who bought the app and many of the IAP’s.

    2. I agree. I bought it full price just two weeks ago. I also bought a lot of IAPs :-(

    3. I wonder if ther sales have gone down since Beatmaler 3’s release and they are giving Beathawke away for free to get people into their ecosystem. What they lose on the app sale they make up on potential IAP sales.

    4. How about AU supportt??!

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