B-Step Sequencer v.2 – MonoPlugs announce new version of step-based MIDI sequencer for iOS

Download from iTunes App Storeb-step logoI was both impressed and intrigued when I first saw Monoplug’s B-Step Sequencer back in April of this year. At one level, this is a 16-step-based step sequencer with four lanes of notes where a project can consist of up to 16 patterns and where you can also sequence those patterns into an overall arrangement.

However, at another level, this is quite unconventional as it is, apparently, inspired by a bass guitar and the four lanes of notes are tuned to a specific chord. This means that, once you have set the chord for a given pattern, any notes you trigger will be ‘in tune’ as they are taken from that chord.

In the original app, within a project, you can specify up to 30 possible chords and pick from this selection to specify the chord for each pattern. Note also that B-Step is not just an iOS app though; it runs on Android and there are also stand-alone and plug-in versions for Windows, OSX and Linux.

B-Step offers four note lanes ('strings' given the bass guitar inspiration) tuned to a specific chord.

B-Step offers four note lanes (‘strings’ given the bass guitar inspiration) tuned to a specific chord.

Monoplugs have obviously been busy since the spring as they have just announced that B-Step 2 is now entering beta-testing and, all being well should be with us soon. The company have released a preview video of the new version and it does show some cool new features.

For example, you can now set chord changes per step. This will be a big step (doh!) forward in terms of flexibility. Equally, there are now options for step mute, step delay, skip step, step repeats and micro-timing that ought to make things more interesting rhythmically…. and a whole bunch of other tweaks and additions.

The video teaser looks – and sounds  – great, so I’m really looking forward to giving B Step 2 a spin when it hits the App Store. At present, the plan under iOS, is for existing owners to be able to upgrade from the current version via an IAP. However, until B-Step 2 is available, the original B-Step app is available at a reduced price of UK£7.99.

B-Step takes some conventional elements and then puts Monoplugs own spin of things to give it a fairly unique feel. If you are a fan of step sequencers, B-Step is well worth a look.

B-Step Sequencer

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    1. I was wondering if there is anyway of recording a sequence that’s created from this app?

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