Axon 2 released – Audio Damage add an AI drum synth to their iOS app catalogue

Download from iTunes App StoreAudio Damage appear to be on a mission when it comes to iOS music apps at present. I’ve reviewed Rough Rider 2, Grind Distortion, Eos 2, Dubstation 2, Replicant 2 and Phosphor 2 (for example) all within the last few months. However, things don’t seem to be slowing down just yet as now we have the release of Axon 2.

Phosphor 2 is Audio Damage’s first iOS synth offering. The new release is also an instrument expect, this time around, we have a drum synth. Again, it is a port of a desktop version and the iOS version apparently brings exactly the same features as the desktop version both in terms of controls and sound. And that means it includes the artificial intelligence (AI) elements of the desktop version. This is designed as an experimental instrument, uses a modified artificial neural network as a sequencer, and features seven FM-based percussion voices that are derived from a single 18-operator FM voice.

Axon 2 – Audio Damage brings us and AI drum synth with AU support – and it sounds great :-)

At this stage, I make absolutely no claim to understand any of what’s going on under the hood. What I can say is that, even after a very brief play, it sounds great. It runs standalone, via IAA and – yay! – also offers AU plugin support. This is a big deal in itself as, so far at least, we have not seen many of the really big hitters in terms of drum apps (acoustic or electronic) make it over to the AU format. hat’s off to Audio damage ion that front.

Axon 2 ships with some excellent presets to get you started.

The interface looks very slick and, when used stand-alone, aside from a few under the hood setting (for example, the MIDI options), the bulk of the controls are housed within a single screen. In terms of sounds, I think programmers will, I think, find they very quickly get the hang of things but even a synth novice ought to find their way around without too much trouble. As an AU plugin, the controls are split across two pages….  but this is nicely done and easy to navigate.

Axon2 includes AU support… as shown here within AUM.

What might take a little longer to get fully to grips with is the ‘neural network’ element of the app….  and while the two apps are very different, if you like the kinds of things Sector does in terms of creative rhythms, then I suspect you are also going to like Axon 2. However, it does appear to be both interesting and, if the presets are anything to go by, very inspiring.

Anyway, Axon 2 is an iPad-only app (at present at least) and requires iOS9.3 or later. Like all Audio Damage’s iOS offerings to date, it is modestly priced….  this time around just UK£5.99/US$5.99. I’ve only had a short time to explore so far but it really does sound very good indeed……   Check out the demo trailer that’s based on the desktop version (I’m sure an iOS demo will be available soon)….  and then hit the App Store download button to find out more. A full review will follow shortly….  but, if my first encounters are anything to go by, Axon 2 is going to be an absolute smash :-)

Axon 2

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Hi John!

      Yes, an interesting app.

      BTW: typo in para 2. You say “is also an instrument expect” instead of “except”. Sorry for being picky…


    2. Brett Roberts says:


    3. Brilliant, instant buy.

    4. Is this available in the U.S?
      Thanks for all your work!

    5. Drumunkey says:

      Not sure if they are “big hitters” but Bram’s awesome Ruismaker and Ruismaker FM are AU… :)

      • Yep, and both great apps…. I guess what I was getting at were some of the very popular long-standing drum apps – acoustic and electronic – that we have under iOS. AU take-up seems to be slow in this category as a whole…. Best wishes, John

        • What about the sound of each of them? How do they compare? (cf. RM modeling [?], RMFM fm synthesis, ditto Axon 2). Possibilities with RMs vs Axon’s sequencing capabilities? Any thoughts? (I’ve already got RMFM but also all but one of Audio Damage’s FX AUs which are great, hence me asking…)

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