Cubasis update – Steinberg makes Waves and bring a 50% sale with their brilliant iOS DAW/sequencer

While the blog might currently be in 'pop up' mode, as regular readers here will know, my personal iOS DAW/sequencer of choice is Steinberg's Cubasis, so I'm bound to be interested when Steinberg offer us something new..... hence the post today :-) Cubasis is undoubtedly a great app - and I think Steinberg have got the balance of features (just about) right for the iOS platform - but as I'm also a Cubase user on the desktop, Cubasis is a very obvious choice for me. As iOS hardware has … [Read more...]

Navichord giveaway – 10 copies of chord/harmony exploration app to be won

I guess it is a 'thing' in other parts of the world also but, in the UK over the last few years, the concept of the 'pop up' enterprise - be that a shop, or an event or a restaurant - has become quite common. Having indicated a couple of weeks ago that I'm going to have much less time to spend on the blog over the coming months, that's perhaps a pretty good way of thinking about what I hope to be able to do - a 'pop up' blog when I'll post something that I think might be of interest as and when … [Read more...]

Odessa launched – Bram Bos breaks new ground with AU MIDI tools

In the UK, there is a cliche about public transport buses that you wait for ages and nothing comes...  but then two arrive together. It feels the same with apps - and hence posts on the blog while it is in 'hibernation mode' because, alongside the interesting Kauldron synth from Yonac that was launched yesterday, Bram Bos' new Odessa Sequencer Suite app also arrived on the Store. I reviewed all of Bram Bos' various iOS music apps here on the blog including Troublemaker, Ripplemaker, Ruismaker … [Read more...]

Kauldron launched – Yonac pack a punch with their new iOS synth app – and at a bargain price

As regulars here will be well aware, I've recently taken the decision to cut back on my posting here on the Music App Blog in order to focus my time on some music production work that's come my way. However, I did suggest I might post occasionally when something caught my attention..... Well, something has....  the arrival of the new - and highly anticipated - synth app from Yonac; Kauldron. I've reviewed a number of Yonac's iOS music apps here on the Music App Blog over the years including … [Read more...]

Time to make some music…..

If you are a subscriber to the blog's weekly email newsletter then you might well already be aware that, this week, I've finally had to make a somewhat difficult (well, 'difficult' at one level; actually, both easy and welcome at another) work-based decision. For those not on the email list, by way of background, over the last 6 months or so, I've been undertaking more music production work. This has been a long-held ambition and was, in a large part, a reason that underpinned me gradually … [Read more...]

Roadtrip time – family catch-up and some downtime :-)

For regular visitors to the site, just a quick note to say that I'm going to be away for a few days and, as a consequence, things will be a little quieter around the website until I return.... After a very busy couple of months, mainly working on a number of production music projects (and therefore having a little less time for blogging), we are finally managing to get a short break to catch up with some family and friends back in the UK. Family time is always welcome....   although as we … [Read more...]

FieldScaper update – Igor Vasiliev adds Ableton Link to his iOS sound design app

I've reviewed a number of Igor Vasiliev's iOS music apps here on the blog including Audio Mastering, AltiSpace, Master FX, Master Record and SoundScaper  All these apps are excellent and deliver excellent performance combined with equally excellent value for money in a straightforward, no fuss, fashion. SoundScaper was  bit of a departure from the more conventional audio effects processing apps Igor had previously released but it proved very popular with sound designers and more experimental … [Read more...]

Elastic Drums updated – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app gets tweaks – and IAPs ON SALE

If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you will be well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. As I mentioned back in February, the app  underwent a significant update to v.2.0.  Having added support for using drum samples (via an IAP) in v.1.9, v.2.0 added Ableton Live Set Export features, re-vamped the sample import process and made further sample-based kits available via the in-app store. Oliver is, however, one of the more active iOS … [Read more...]

BeatHawk update – UVI brings some fine-tuning to their flagship iOS music app

I posted a full review of UVI's BeatHawk iOS music app here on the blog when it was first released and  I was hugely impressed with the app. I was even more impressed when UVI took the app to v.2.0 back in March and added a whole range of new features and refinements. This included iPhone support, a piano roll MIDI editor, Ableton Link and support for the app to work as an AU plugin. Yes, there are drum/groove box apps that perhaps pack in more features than BeatHawk does but I actually think … [Read more...]