GarageBand update – Apple bring some Alchemy to their iOS DAW/sequencer

While I'm more than happy to recommend recording apps such as Cubasis, Auria Pro or Gadget to more experienced iOS musicians, if you are just taking your first steps with the platform (and particularly if it represents your first serious encounter with recording/music technology in any form), Apple's GarageBand for iOS is actually pretty hard to beat. Even if you just use it as an audio sketchpad, it would be worth the price of entry and, if you also happen to use GarageBand or Logic Pro X on … [Read more...]

ReSlice released – VirSyn add an audio slicer instrument to their iOS music app line-up

VirSyn are one of the software developers that have fully embraced the iOS platform. They have gradually developed a very impressive catalogue of iOS music apps many or which - Tera Synth, microTERA, Harmony Voice, Addictive Synth, Tap Delay, Emo Chorus, Posiedon Synth, Voxsyn, Arpeggist and, most recently, AudioEffx, for example - I've reviewed here previously on the Music App Blog. And they show no signs of slowing things down. Only a few weeks after AudioEffx arrived, we have a further new … [Read more...]

n-Track Studio updated – n-Track Software’s multi-platform DAW/sequencer gets some tweaks

As regular readers here will be aware, my own use for iOS music technology is focused more on music composition and/or music recording than live performance. All of which makes it perhaps surprising that I had not, until recently, reviewed n-Track Studio DAW/sequencer (now something I've put right) for the Music App Blog. n-Track actually exists on the desktop (Windows and OSX), iOS and Android. This multi-platform approach might well make it very appealing to some potential users as it means … [Read more...]

Guitarism updated – Rhism bring their playable guitar app up to date

Well, today has already been quite an interesting one for my personal iOS music app preferences. Not only has Oscilab (a long-term favourite) recieved a welcome update after a period of quiet, but  Guitarism by Rhism (another long-term favourite) has also been updated. I reviewed Guitarism quite some time ago and the basic principle of how the app is played hasn't really changed too much since then so, if you are new to the app, then have a look through the original review to get up to speed. … [Read more...]

Figure updated – Allihoopa go all Chip Tunes with their classic iOS music app

It must be a bit of a 'day' for all-in-one EDM iOS music apps today. Alongside an update to the excellent Oscilab, we also have a further update to Allihoopa's Figure. Figure, originally release by Propellerhead, but now managed by its own team under the Allihoopa banner, is undoubtedly one of the iOS music apps that, in some way, helped define just what mobile music making might have to offer. With its brilliant use of the touchscreen interface and its ability to let almost anyone - musician or … [Read more...]

Oscilab update – 2beat bring their excellent EDM production app up to date

As I posted back in May 2014 when it was first launched, Oscilab - from developer 2beat - brings a very interesting, novel, and very intuitive approach to the creation of electronic music.  The interface looks fabulous and the app provides a combination of electronic-style sounds based upon modelled analog synthesis, samples and drum sounds. Indeed, I enjoyed working with Oscilab so much that it was a shoe-in for my personal 'top 10 new music apps released in 2014' list back in January 2015. … [Read more...]

Apollo update – Secret Base Design launch Apollo 2

Regular readers will recall that, way back in 2013, I reviewed Secret Base Design's Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth app when it was first launched and I also took a look at the Mac OSX version when that appeared a few weeks later. For those who have not tried Apollo yet, the iOS app allows you to transmit MIDI data in realtime between two iOS devices and, if you are an iOS musician who owns more than one iOS device, given the pocket money price, Apollo is no-brainer; it’s a brilliant concept and … [Read more...]

MicSwap Pro update – Future Moments bring further tweaks to their mic simulation app

A couple of years ago, I reviewed what I think was the first example of microphone modelling technology for iOS; MicSwap from developer Future Moments. MicSwap is a universal app and is supplied in two forms; a free version (with some feature restrictions) and a ‘Pro’ version (with all features unlocked; currently UK£14.99/US$19.99). The app works with iOS9.3 or later and is a 134MB download. The app simulates a number of different microphone types and these are depicted in some fairly … [Read more...]

Miroslav Philharmonik 2 IAP review – can you cram an orchestra into an IOS app?

If money is no object, then you can take your pick of some truly wonderful sample-based virtual instruments for Windows/OSX that bring the sound of a full orchestra to your computer (actually, if money is no object, you would book a real orchestra, but that’s a different conversation!). At their very best – and full-exploited by a skilful composer – most listeners might find it difficult to distinguish between the computer-generated musical performance and ‘the real thing’, especially if they … [Read more...]