Auria update – v.1.55 of WaveMachine Lab’s flagship iOS DAW brings further minor tweaks and still on sale

Download from iTunes App Storeauria logo v2For many iOS musicians, Auria is the cornerstone of their iPad-based recording process and there is no denying that, as a platform for recording and mixing multi-track audio, Auria is the closest that an iOS music app gets to what’s possible on a fully-fledged desktop DAW. This is particularly true in terms of the features provided by the virtual mixer and the routine effects processing options that that provides via the channel strip options. There are also some brilliant additional effects that you can add via IAPs.

WaveMachine Labs added support for iOS8 some time ago, but there has been a further minor update – taking the app to v.1.55 – released late yesterday. This is essentially a maintenance update fixing various minor bugs but there were also a couple of more significant fixes applied including an issue surround track freezing under iOS8.1. These kinds of consolidation updates might not have lots of shiny new bells and whistles to attract potential new users but will always be welcomed by existing users if they bring greater solidity in terms of performance.

Auria's virtual mixer is very well featured and includes a good automation system.

Auria’s virtual mixer is very well featured and includes a good automation system.

The other point worth making might be of interest to potential new users through; both Auria and Auria LE are still at a very significant sale pricing – UK£17.49 and UK£8.99 respectively, 50% off their usual price – so if you are still looking for an audio multi-track recording environment for your iPad and want to grab one of the very best tools for that job at a bargain price, then now we be a good time to take the plunge (if, f course, you have any money left after the insanity that was Black Friday/Cyber Monday).

While Auria doesn’t – at yet – do MIDI recording, it does have a very comprehensive mix automation system and, if you can sync your favourite MIDI sequencer/pattern sequencer to Auria via MIDI clock, you can integrate MIDI recording into the overall workflow. Auria is an impressive piece of software and an absolute steal at 50% off.


Auria LE
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