Auria update – WaveMachine Lab’s flagship iOS DAW gets tweaks for the iPad Air 2 – and on SALE

Download from iTunes App Storeauria logo v2There are a number of multitrack recording apps available under iOS and, while there are some excellent contenders that perhaps don’t get the attention they really deserve, there are a handful that probably dominate the current market.

One of those heavyweights is most certainly WaveMachine Lab’s Auria. It was a game changer for iOS when first released and it is still a hugely impressive piece of software. And, while my personal recording app of choice is generally Cubasis (I’m a Cubase user on the desktop and I use quite a lot of MIDI instruments/sequencing in my own projects), I still roll Auria out for some audio-only projects.

With a substantial user base, I’m sure there will be plenty of users happy to see further development of the app. On that front, a minor update – v.1.154 – hit the App Store yesterday. This follows up v. 1.153 that appeared a few weeks ago and bought with it iOS8 support. The current update fixes an issue for owners of the new iPad Air 2 that was causing high CPU loadings. There are also a few minor tweaks to ensure more robust operation when saving and when making longer recordings…  all welcome.

Auria - happily now running under iOS8 :-)

Auria – happily now running under iOS8 :-)

Of course, the big question is when Auria might offer support for MIDI tracks. Rim Buntas – the lead developer behind Auria – has been pretty open on the Auria forums that this is in development (and has been for some time) but, as yet, there is no fixed timeline for when such a significant new feature might become available. It would, however, be brilliant to see and, if the MIDI features turn out to be as sophisticated and powerful as the audio recording/processing/mixing features are, then it would be quite a package.

Auria is, undoubtedly, a pretty powerful multitrack environment and the virtual mixer is as well-featured as that found on many desktop DAWs. If you can stretch to the extra investment, there are also some truly excellent IAP-based add-ons that provide plenty of additional processing options. Providing you are happy to work in an audio-only recording environment (or link Auria to some other form of MIDI sequencer), then it is a great choice… Although all that power does come with a CPU demand, with an excellent track freeze feature, you can get a decent amount of work done on older iOS hardware.

… and, in addition, for a limited time only, you can get that great choice at half price. Both Auria and Auria LE are currently 50% off (UK£17.49 and UK£8.99 respectively). If you want to snap up one of the best audio-based DAWs iOS has to offer, now might well be the time to do it :-)


Auria LE
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    1. Hi, John, thanks for the update news. I would add that I’ve been able to sequence Midi into Auria via Genome, Gadget, Beatmaker, and MusicStudio with little trouble, holding me over until the Big Midi Update arrives. BONUS: if you purchase SugarByte’s WOW Filter and/or Turnado, they automatically become full-fledged plugins inside Auria – use as many instances as you like! Love to see more developers follow suit. The Holderness Media bundle springs to mind … Cheers!

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